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DGPT Launches ZÜCA FEST for the 2020 Season

By Jeff Spring

Since its inception, the Disc Golf Pro Tour has promoted disc golf’s premier events not only internationally through media efforts, but regionally as well, in an effort to maximize spectator turnout to each tournament. To further encourage community attendance, especially those who are new to the sport, the DGPT is announcing an upgrade to its festival-style event in partnership with ZÜCA and local sponsors.  

ZÜCA FEST will provide a fun, festive, and engaging environment, featuring live music, great local food, craft libations, disc golf-inspired games, prizes (among them a fully loaded ZÜCA cart), and opportunities to interact with pro players and get autographs. Each event will adapt to the schedule and setup of local venues, and in some cases, such as Ledgestone, Waco and the GMC, ZÜCA FEST will be added to existing event activations that players and spectators enjoy attending every year. The festival will look different in size and scope depending on the number of years each event has been held, as well as the venue and schedule. 

DGPT CEO & Director Jeff Spring has experience with festival activations in tandem with Pro Tour events, having founded and run FallFest at Smugglers’ Notch Resort for the past 5 years. “Live music, local food, and craft beer are elements that can motivate locals from many DGPT communities to come check out DGPT events. Combine that with games, giveaways and a family friendly environment and you lay the ground work for festivals that can grow with the disc golf tournaments and draw new people into the sport. Those who have enjoyed FallFest often get into the sport and return year after year, bringing more friends and growing the event organically.”

Spring continues: “We want to supplement and add that type of energy at all of the Tour stops, aiming higher each year with help of the superb on-site event teams, all of which have laid the ground work for enhanced festival activations. Promoting outside the sport brings new people in to watch disc golf and grow the local fan and player base. We are committed to hosting ZÜCA FEST events at every tour stop this year and for years to come, supplementing spectating opportunities with activities that will appeal to a broad cross-section of the local community.”

ZÜCA FEST will be introduced to local lifestyle, family and event/entertainment media and schools in each tour stop city via press release, video teaser and flyers, in order to get people of all ages from the community, including families with children, interested in coming out and joining in on the fun. Bruce Kinnee, ZÜCA CEO, adds, “We are thrilled to work with DGPT to create the opportunity to introduce more people to the sport. ZÜCA FEST provides more incentives for the broader community to come out and enjoy each event.” 

ZÜCA FEST is targeted in scope, and will run for 4 hours every Saturday afternoon and evening of each DGPT premier event (except WACO which is on Friday). This is to provide the local communities with a specific window of time where there is great disc golf to watch, while focusing festival resources to provide a great experience with a critical mass of people.

The first ZÜCA FEST will take place next Saturday, February 29 from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM, and will be based out of Duke’s Sports Bar & Grill and Vista del Camino’s tournament central. Fest-goers will be able to spectate the lead cards coming in off the course before the event ramps up. Once the disc golf ends, live music will begin from the Arizona-based Dina Preston Band. Food will be available at Duke’s, or from a BBQ on the green, and craft beer available from tournament sponsor Sierra Nevada. There will be games and giveaways throughout the event as well as a chance to meet some of the top touring pros in the world!

Join ZÜCA and the DGPT at a ZÜCA FEST near you this disc golf season!