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DGPT Europe Kicks Off in 2024 – Everything You Need to Know

By Charles McCracken

By: Charles McCracken – DGPT Communications Director

In a significant development for professional disc golf, the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) has joined hands with the European Pro Tour (EPT) to unveil a united European tour for 2024, named DGPT Europe. This unification aims to further enhance professional disc golf in Europe and promises an elevated experience for enthusiasts and players. Read the full announcement here

Q: What does this mean for the European Pro Tour?

A: The European Pro Tour (EPT), a lead competition organizer in Europe, has merged with the DGPT. Leadership from EPT, including Juha Kytö (former CEO) and Mikko Wikman (former Tour Director), will continue in key roles with DGPT Europe as the Media Director and Operations Manager, respectively. 

Q: What’s the role of PDGA Europe in DGPT Europe?

A: The PDGA Euro Tour, which PDGA Europe managed, will pause its independent PDGA Euro Tour Open Divisions series, which was covered by the Disc Golf Network in 2023. Beginning in 2024, they will instead opt to fill a supporting role for DGPT Europe, offering assistance similar to the Global and U.S. PDGA Operations and Logistics teams in the U.S. The DGPT is grateful for PDGA Europe’s continued support and looks forward to a fruitful 2024 season. 

Jakub Semerád at the 2023 Krokhol Open. Photo: PDGA Euro Tour

Q: How are the DGPT Europe events classified? 

A: DGPT Europe events will have two standard classifications for the 2024 season. 

  1. DGPT Europe Standard Events (simply referred to as a “DGPT Europe Events”). These are worth 100 points for a win and are sanctioned as PDGA Elite Series.
  2. DGPT Europe Silver. These are worth 50 points for a win and are sanctioned as PDGA A-tiers. 

Q: How will the points work for DGPT Europe Events? 

A: Here’s how the points standings will work for the DGPT in 2024:

  • DGPT will have two point standings next season: DGPT World Standings (which determines spots for the 2024 DGPT Championship) and a separate DGPT Europe points standings.
  • There won’t be an independent Tour Championship for DGPT Europe in 2024. Instead, the European points will be used to give bonus payouts and 2025 Tour Cards to top players at the end of the season.
  • The five Standard DGPT Europe events (with 100% points weight) will count points for both the DGPT World and European standings and will be broadcast live on the Disc Golf Network.
  • The DGPT Europe Silver Events (with 50% points weight) will only add points to the European standings and won’t be shown live on the Disc Golf Network.

Spectators at the 2022 Krokhol Open. Photo: PDGA Euro Tour

Q: What’s up with Silver Events in Europe? Didn’t DGPT get rid of the Silver Event designation?

A: DGPT did recently announce the retirement of the Silver Event event class in the U.S., but Europe’s a different playground. DGPT Europe is keeping Silver Events on the 2024 calendar to help boost the sport and create a well-rounded tour schedule. Here’s some more info on why and how Silver Events are still being sanctioned in Europe. 

“Having determined that it’s time to set aside Silver Events and shift our focus to developing a qualifying series in the U.S., we recognize that the European market still requires Silver Events to help grow and sustain a balanced Tour. While we expect the European market also to reach a similar point in the future, Silver Events will continue to be a part of DGPT’s growth strategy as they provide additional competition opportunities between standard Tour stops and will allow DGPT Europe to develop more relationships with top-level courses and organizers.”

– Jeff Spring, DGPT CEO

DGPT Europe is still in the process of scheduling 2024 Silver Events and is looking for additional bids. European events who would like to be considered for Silver status can submit their interest here. The dates and locations of DGPT Europe Silver Events will be released this off-season. DGPT Europe encourages bids from interested local organizing committees from Central and Southern Europe, where developmental efforts will be focused.  

Q: What about media coverage and streaming?

A: The European Pro Tour owns and operates Disc Golf Stream, which is a live-streaming subscription service similar to the Disc Golf Network. As a part of this unification, Disc Golf Stream will merge with the Disc Golf Network. All current Disc Golf Stream subscribers will be transferred to the Disc Golf Network this off-season. 

While the Disc Golf Stream will not provide live coverage of the last event of its planned 2023 schedule, the European Pro Tour All-Star Event, Disc Golf Stream subscribers can look forward to accessing a wide range of off-season content from Disc Golf Network, including two new shows from JomezPro and LIVE coverage of the National Amateur Disc Golf Championship. 

2024 DGPT events, including the Standard DGPT Events (PDGA Elite Series) in Europe, will be shown LIVE on the Disc Golf Network. DGPT Europe Silver Events won’t receive live coverage. In addition to LIVE coverage, DGPT Europe plans to work with local media entities to provide next-day post-production coverage on YouTube. 

Q: What’s the DGPT Europe 2024 Schedule?

A: Here’s the schedule for 2024!

2024 DGPT European Schedule (PDGA Elite Series)

Does not include DGPT Europe Silver events (TBA). Additionally, the PCS Open, a previous DGPT event in Norway, will take a year off Tour but is expected to return for future seasons.

Event Class Name Location Dates
DGPT Copenhagen Open Copenhagen, Denmark  Fri, May 10 – Sun, May 12
DGPT Turku Open Turku, Finland Fri, June 14 – Sun, June 16
DGPT Swedish Open Boras, Sweden Fri, June 28 – Sun, June 30
DGPT Krokhol Open Oslo, Norway Fri, July 12 – Sun, July 14
DGPT European Disc Golf Festival Tallinn, Estonia Fri, July 26 – Sun, July 28


Final 2024 DGPT points system information, including how many events will count in each event class, will be released after the 2024 European Silver events are announced. 

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