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DGPT Dream 18 Course: What is the best Hole 12 on Tour?

By Baker Helton

The DGPT Dream 18 Fan Vote is sponsored by ZUCA. We have partnered with them to give away a free Trekker cart to the fan who best determined the fan vote for the back nine holes. Now that the picks are in, vote each day to help determine the winner!

In disc golf, there are discussions, debates, and things everyone can agree upon from the start. We are not sure where this one would end up, so we are letting you the fans decide. Over the next three and half weeks, we will be hosting a series of votes here on our site to determine what the fans dream 18 holes would be on Tour. 

Hole 11 Winner

Chalk up another win for the course with “18 signature holes” as Jeremy Koling likes to say. Maple Hill won the Hole 11 vote with 35% of the ballots cast in its favor. Idlewild took second with 25% and Brewster Ridge rounded out third place with 11% of the vote.

How does the voting work?

At 9 AM ET each morning, the polls open. You have until 8 AM ET the next day to vote on which hole you would put on your dream 18. Yesterday we determined the dream hole one the first day, today (the second day), we will pick the second hole, etc. With the release of each poll, we will announce the winner of the previous day. We hope to see each region get behind their courses and help elevate the disc golf holes they think make their course genuinely unique. 

Below is a brief description of each hole along with a link to the hole flyover. Give it a read and a watch and vote at the bottom of the article!

Let’s get started!

Hole Twelve

Fountain Hills: At 293 ft, Hole Twelve at Fountain Hills plays downhill from an elevated tee. The small hole is made challenging by an OB path running behind the basket and an elevated basket position. Check out how the Pros attack the hole thanks to Jomez’s flyover of the 2020 Memorial Championship.

Vista del Camino: Hole Twelve at Vista is a 377 ft Par 3 for MPO and 282 for FPO. Players are throwing uphill, across the water to an island green. The island green is made challenging by an elevated basket. This hole was made famous in 2018 when Teemu Nissinen nearly aced itGive it a look from the Jomez flyover at the 2020 Memorial Championship.

Brazos Park East: Hole Twelve at the bEast is a 609 ft Par 4. The hole features two mandos on the right side of the fairway to keep players on the fairway. The fairway fades to the right as players throw downhill and then back up to the green. Check out the flyover from Jomez’s coverage of the 2020 Waco Annual Charity Open.

Disc Side of Heaven: Disc Side of Heaven’s Hole Twelve is a 655 ft Par 4 for MPO and 535 ft Par 4 for FPO. Players with elite distance are gunning to clear the OB creek on their drive. If players do not have that in their tool bag, they are laying up short of the stream and then throwing uphill to the basket. See how the discs fly thanks to Jomez’s coverage of the 2018 Jonesboro Open.

Gleneagles: Hole Twelve at San Francisco is a 444 ft Par 3 for MPO and 321 ft Par 3 for FPO. The MPO tee pad is elevated and plays down a sloping fairway into a wooded green. The FPO tee pad is more level with the basket but still plays slightly downhill. Check out Jomez’s 2018 flyover from the San Francisco Open to see it for yourself. 

Blue Lake Park: The 400 ft, Hole Twelve, plays through a tight tunnel, which includes a double-mando. The green then opens up before moving into a tightly wooded green. It plays as one of the hardest holes on the course to par. See for yourself in the 2019 Portland Open flyover from Jomez.

Kensington Toboggan: At 534 ft, Hole Twelve is a downhill, Par 3. Players throw from an elevated tee, down to an opening in the woods. If players can make it into the wooded mid-part of the fairway, they have an open look at a throw-in birdie. This plays as one of the hardest holes on the course. That being said, Paul McBeth makes it look easy during his -18 round in 2018.  Watch the flyover from Jomez’s first-round coverage of the 2018 Great Lakes Open.

**2nd Place** Idlewild: Hole Twelve at Idlewild is a 644 ft Par 4. Players are throwing to a landing zone about 275 ft off the tee as the fairway turns to the right. Once players make the turn, they then have to throw a disc that finishes to the left to cut into the green—players who go long or fade out to the right deal with the possibility of a rollaway. Figure out how you might attack it while watching Jomez’s flyover from the first round of the 2018 Idlewild Open. 

**3rd Place** Eureka Lake: This 354 ft Par 3 plays uphill around the signature Eureka Lake water tower. There is an OB island around the water tower that players are trying to make. Most players go for the island from the tee—players who hit off the water tower risk rolling out of bounds and settling for par. Most players are just trying to avoid coming up short of the island. The flyover from the 2019 Ledgestone Insurance Open will help provide perspective.

Sunset Hills: Hole Twelve at Sunset Hills is an original hole to the course. Players are throwing downhill from an elevated tee to a basket that sits along the water. The 383 ft hole plays slightly left of the tee. With the downhill slope, the hole plays more like 330-350 ft. You can see what the FPO division has been dealing with from Central Coast’s coverage of the 2019 PDGA World Championship.

**Winner** Northwood: Hole Twelve at Northwood is one of the brand new holes built for 2019 PDGA Worlds. At 1050 ft for MPO and 725 for FPO, this Par 5 is heralded as one of the hardest holes on Tour. Players are working to stay in the middle of a tightly-wooded fairway—the fairway curves to the right play across a creek and then uphill towards the green. See how the Pros played it thanks to Jomez’s coverage of the 2019 PDGA World Championship.

Maple Hill: At 650 ft, this Par 4 plays across an open part of the Christmas tree farm and then downhill back into the woods. Players who make it to the opening in the woods on their drive then have a look down a wooded fairway to the basket. If players make it into the woods early or go long of the basket, they run the risk of needing to save a bogey or throw out for par. Watch the flyover from Jomez’s 2018 MVP Open coverage to see how the pros play the hole.

Brewster Ridge: Hole Twelve at Brewster Ridge is 430 ft Par 3. Players are throwing slightly downhill, looking to fade left somewhat at the end. The fairway plays down a gravel road. The green is tucked alongside the way in the woods. See how the hole unfolds on the Jomez flyover from the 2019 Green Mountain Championship.

Fox Run Meadows: Hole Twelve at Fox Run is a 720 ft Par 4 for MPO and 630 ft Par 4 for FPO. The fairway plays to the right across a small OB stream. Players are throwing to the first landing zone short of the creek. Players then are trying to keep their second shot in-bounds as they try to make the green. You can see it for yourself on the 2019 Green Mountain Championship coverage from Jomez.

Hornets Nest: Hole Twelve at Hornet’s Nest is a 651 ft Par 4 for MPO and 504 Par 4 for FPO. The hole plays down a tree-lined fairway. It finishes slightly to the left, playing as one of the more difficult holes for the MPO division. See how the players played the hole at last year’s Tour Championship, thanks to Jomez.

Let us know which Hole Twelve is in your Dream 18!

What is the best Hole 12 on Tour?

Fountain Hills
Vista Del Camino
The bEast at Brazos
Disc Side of Heaven
Blue Lake
Eureka Lake
Sunset Hills
Maple Hill
Brewster Ridge
Fox Run Meadows
Hornet’s Nest
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