DGPT.com: New and (very) Improved!

In collaboration with Nerdwerx, out of Iowa, we have been developing a new virtual home for the DGPT.com website. Let’s take a quick tour:

  • Home / Tour – First and foremost, we are a tour. Therefore, the tour is the primary feature of the site. Click or swipe to change the highlighted event. See Details to … see the details of the event, or, if the event is completed, see the results. Fun fact: When we are broadcasting live, the home screen will enable a “Watch Now” icon which links directly to the live coverage.
  • Standings – we are a tour and the standings matter. They are now front and center. Top 10 men and Top 5 women are highlighted initially. Links to complete standings are below these highlights.
  • News – One of the most revamped sections on our site as well as most visited. We now have categories, that include specific tournament news. Going forward, we will be able to write an article about, for example, The 2017 Vibram Open Registration and it will show up here AND in the details section of the Vibram Open. Searchable by category, a cleaner look, more editors, and instantly linked with related tournaments.
  • Watch – The watch page is much easier to navigate, has all of our videos, including player spots, trailers, tournament coverage and our define your game series. But wait, there’s more! Complete live coverage of each event. If you find yourself out of commission and want to rewatch the Majestic and its 6 hole playoff, in its entirety, all 15 hours are ready and waiting. #YAY?
  • Menu – This is where you find all the other hidden gems. DGPT Power Rankings, Fantasy DG, About, Contact, Store, and more. Improving the look and feel of these sections will be the stuff we tackle over the next year.

Thank you for joining us in this adventure as we, together, push the sport into the Modern Age of Disc Golf.

Thank you Nerdwerx! (these guys are seriously amazing, if you are ever in need of an enterprise solution, complete with analytics review, thoughtful design, statistics based hierarchical decisions, coupled with a really great team, you need to give them a call. Note: they are not even a DGPT partner and I’m saying all this!)


  • Tony W

    September 12, 2016 at 6:06 pm


  • Brian Hibbler

    September 14, 2016 at 7:04 am

    WTG guys! This is very cool. Looking forward to the greatness that is sure to come thru DGPT!

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