A Perfect 300: 2018 Disc Golf Pro Tour FPO Standings Recap


The first three events of the 2018 Disc Golf Pro Tour is in the books. With The Memorial, W.A.C.O., and JBO behind us we can now review the current Pr…

After Three: 2018 Disc Golf Pro Tour MPO Standings Recap


The first three events of the 2018 Disc Golf Pro Tour is in the books. With The Memorial, W.A.C.O., and JBO behind us we can now review the current Pr…

Waco Annual Charity Open: Stat of the Week


Here we are, folks. In just a few days the Disc Golf Pro Tour is landing in Waco, TX for the Waco Annual Charity Open (WACO). In fact, plenty of the w…

UDisc Live Updates for 2018


We’re just a day away from the start of the 2018 DGPT Season and I’d like to highlight a few improvements to the UDisc Live scoring platform for our t…

2018 Memorial Stat to Watch: McBeth’s Putting


“Drive for show, putt for dough.” Stick around disc golf long enough and this mantra will turn into a tired cliche. While this may be true, they shoul…

2017 Awards – Best Front Nine


Congratulations to Dana Vicich on his amazing (to watch!) front nine at the Utah Open presented by Latitude 64. Dana started the round on the bottom h…

2017 Awards – Golden Putter Award


The Disc Golf Pro Tour is proud to announce our 2017 Golden Putter Award. The Golden Putter Award is given to the player with the highest combined C1…

2017 Awards – DGPT Hail Mary Award


The Disc Golf Pro Tour is proud to announce our 2017 Hail Mary recipients. The Hail Mary Award is given to the player with the most aces in the season…

2018 Scoring: Part One


The Pro Tour has brought many innovations to the top level of the sport. The Live Broadcast, the Tour Championship (and its bracket), recap articles p…


Bracket Challenge – Insane Success and Stats


Over 700 people participated in the Tour Championship Bracket Challenge. Over 15,000 picks were made. Fun Fact: Dana Vicich was picked by two people t…


Tour Championship Bracket: Over $2,000 in Prizes!


Quick Take: The Tour Championship Bracket is ready – go make your picks! $5 and up DGPT Patrons have access to the biggest prizes – support the tour t…

10 for 10! Discraft’s GMC Fantasy Power Picks Winner


CrackInTheGlass goes 10 for 10 in the Fantasy Power Picks! An absolutely amazing feat that we would expect to happen 3 out of every 1000 times. Here a…


UDisc Live Enhancements for following the Pro Tour


This week’s Ledgestone Open Sponsored by Discraft is the twelfth tournament for the Disc Golf Pro Tour. After every event we’re working hard to improv…

Rankings Pages Get a Facelift


The great folks at Nerd Werx continue to make our site better and better. Last week they implemented a new system to improve the look and usability of…

Pro Tour Power Rankings 7/4/17


The week after Pro Worlds is traditionally a quiet week in the pro side of disc golf and last weekend was no different. On the Men’s Side, the Delawar…

Pro Tour Power Rankings 6/27/17


It’s Tuesday, and that means it is time for the Power Rankings update. With Worlds being the lone event from last weekend, players had an opportunity…

Pro Tour Power Rankings – 6/20/17


The Power Rankings are an analysis of the 2017 season. The halfway point of the season seems like a good point to do a quick review. View the current…


Where are the Women’s Tees?


Disc golf needs women’s tees, on every hole. If we want to test the women in the same way that we test the men, then women should play shorter holes t…

A Tale of Two Ulis


For Paul Ulibarri, the Jonesboro Open was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Let’s walk through Ulibarri’s tournament page and review the h…

Wysocki’s Momentum


Ricky Wysocki is due for a win. In the inaugural Disc Golf Pro Tour season last year, Wysocki won 3 of 5 tournaments and he’s playing even better this…

Putting for D’oh


The three champions at the Nick Hyde Memorial powered by Innova and Hyzerbomb did not rank in the top third of their divisions in putting percentage….