Bracket Challenge – Insane Success and Stats

Over 700 people participated in the Tour Championship Bracket Challenge. Over 15,000 picks were made. Fun Fact: Dana Vicich was picked by two people to win it all. Here are some cool stats on who was picked to win and how many people picked them to win.

  • 323: Ricky Wysocki
  • 218: Paul McBeth
  • 24: Simon Lizotte
  • 17: James Conrad
  • 12: Nate Sexton
  • 12: Gregg Barsby

Bearing in mind that the top four players picked to win made The Finals, I’d say we’ve got some pretty good pickers. Below are the A Pool (Patreon Supporters) and B Pool winning picks. Round 2, the Quarterfinals was a killer for everyone as five players from Round 1 advanced to the Semifinals.


There were a handful of people just two points behind and each of them lost those points in the second round, picking only two of the three players that the folks earning 51 points picked (Philo, McBride, Austin Turner)


The other interesting thing to review is who would have won if hole 18 had played out differently. What if Paul McBeth pured his drive and drained a 60 footer for birdie?


Or if Simon had pulled off a miracle? WinnerWinnerChickenDinner


Thanks to everyone for palying

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  • Jonathon Beauharnois

    November 6, 2017 at 10:01 am

    Love This Love Fantasy Disc Golf, Maybe you could create a fantasy section to your site and have a pickem where people can create leages like espn. I think a format that could work for pickem would be to have people pick 1 player for each tournament. Then your score is what they shoot, but you cannot pick the same player twice. So you are forced to decided when you will use your ricky or paul pick for the what you think will be best lowest score at end would win.

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