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Beyond the Lead Card: Expanding DGPT’s 2024 Coverage with JomezPro

By Charles McCracken

Beyond the Lead Card: Expanding DGPT’s 2024 Coverage with JomezPro

Jonathan Gomez captures some action on Tour

As the 2024 disc golf season approaches, the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) and JomezPro are thrilled to unveil an ambitious post-production media plan for the upcoming season that promises some big and bold changes. With a strategic shift in coverage to encompass a broader narrative of the competition, the 2024 post-production media plan aims to spotlight all of the dynamic plays, pivotal moments, and rising stars across the entire field.

This guide is your all-access pass to understanding the enhanced viewing experience planned for 2024. Let’s dive in! Information is presented in a Q&A format so you can cut through the noise and ensure you’ve got answers to your biggest questions.

Will JomezPro provide free coverage for both the FPO and MPO lead cards in 2024?

Yes, JomezPro will continue to offer free next-day YouTube coverage of the FPO and MPO lead cards at all DGPT, DGPT+, DGPT Playoffs, and the DGPT Championship. Free next-day coverage will also extend to the USWDGC, PDGA Champions Cup, and the PDGA World Championships.

How will JomezPro’s coverage of the European Open and USDGC be handled this year?

Just like last year, JomezPro coverage of the European Open and the United States Disc Golf Championship/Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship (USDGC & TPWDGC) will initially be available exclusively on the Disc Golf Network under the DGN Pro subscription plan.

The coverage will then be released for free on YouTube and to the DGN Standard subscription plan two weeks after the conclusion of each tournament.

Why is European Open coverage only on Disc Golf Network during the event?

The European Open media distribution plan is agreed upon by both the event organizers and Disc Golf Network. It prioritizes live broadcasting but also provides additional post-produced coverage options and bonus content for fans, all exclusively on the Disc Golf Network platform. JomezPro is excited to be able to offer special event post-produced coverage on DGN during the event week and then on our YouTube channel just a couple weeks later.

TL;DR – The European Open (and the USDGC) are unique events where initial media distribution is exclusive to the Disc Golf Network. If you’re interested, you can read more about why this is the case in the DGPT’s Q&A article from 2023.

What changes are being made to the post-production coverage strategy?

The 2024 season will see a strategic shift in post-production coverage to focus on delivering a complete competition narrative. This means integrating relevant action and movements from across the entire field, not just focusing on the lead card. This approach aims to capture the most significant moments, hot rounds, and highlights from throughout the tournament, providing fans with a more comprehensive view of the competition. Here’s what JomezPro founder Jonathan Gomez had to say on the matter:

“While post-pro viewers have grown used to watching dedicated coverage of a singular card each day, there are so many other moments from outside the lead card that define the story of an individual round or overall tournament.Our new strategy will allow us to focus our efforts on telling the story of the whole round, including all players, not just the story of a singular card. This means that we will be able to focus on the action that matters the most – no matter where that action takes place. We’re excited to tackle this challenge and provide fans with a single place to catch all the relevant action each day.”

– Jonathan Gomez

Want more info on this exciting change? Check out the full announcement.

How will JomezPro manage to cover action from across the entire course?

To support this expanded coverage, the DGPT has invested in additional staff for JomezPro. They will include relevant action from the course in their standard MPO1 and FPO1 coverage thanks to additional staff and the ability to utilize Disc Golf Network cameras. This allows JomezPro to select footage from across the entire course, ensuring fans receive integrated coverage of the biggest moments!

How will JomezPro be using footage from DGN cameras? Will the footage look the same?

You may not know this, but Disc Golf Network actually uses the same cameras that JomezPro uses! Sometimes, the image quality from these cameras is compressed when it comes out of the DGN control room, but the base image is recorded at the same quality. Don’t worry – JomezPro will have access to full-resolution recordings of all shots that they choose to incorporate (directly from memory cards).

What about other post-production teams? Is it only JomezPro now?

Gatekeeper Media and Ace Run Pro (who provided MPO and FPO chase card coverage in 2023) will return in a new capacity for 2024. Gatekeeper will publish MPO chase card coverage using footage from DGN cameras, available for free on their YouTube channel the week following each event. Ace Run Pro is exploring opportunities to create other content at select events, stepping away from dedicated FPO chase card coverage. Read more about this in the official announcement.

What about GK Pro? Are they producing any content on Tour this year?

GK Pro will continue to host and produce Tour Series Skins matches at select DGPT events, along with additional skins matches at other locations between tournaments. These events will allow spectators to purchase tickets and follow along with the action!

Where can fans find the complete JomezPro production schedule for the 2024 season?

Fans can view the full JomezPro production schedule on their website at This schedule details the coverage plans for the entire 2024 season, ensuring fans know when and where to catch their favorite disc golf content.JomezPro’s free YouTube coverage begins with the DGPT season-opener at the Invitational presented by Discraft. Subscribe on YouTube today! Fans can check out the complete JomezPro production schedule at