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Beginner’s Guide to Disc Golf

By Michelle Springett

Beginner’s Guide to Disc Golf

Getting into Disc Golf is Easy and Fun!

Disc Golf is an emerging sport that is a lot of fun. According to the UDISC Growth Report in 2022 there were 1.2 million disc golfers and 14,068 disc golf courses worldwide! That means there are more disc golf courses than Dunkin Donuts in the U.S. Disc Golf is a great way to get some exercise without having to pay crazy gym fees or paying for an insane piece of equipment that takes up a considerable amount of space in your house. Very little equipment is needed for playing, so you don’t have to break the bank to play. Plus, it’s easy to introduce your friends to the sport so you can play with others! Or if you are just looking to get out and be alone in nature, it is a great sport to play by yourself. 

But, what if you are looking to make more friends? The disc golf community is welcoming and kind, and you can join plenty of local organizations and Facebook groups to meet others to play with! Or you can even meet friends by just getting out on the course and meeting people organically. 

Looking to engage more with the professional side of the sport? Subscribe to the Disc Golf Network. 

Watching the Disc Golf Pro Tour on the Disc Golf Network gives beginners great insight into the rules and regulations of the sport. Also, it is a great way to watch the professionals play! You can check out the way players throw and which shots they choose to make in different situations. The Disc Golf Network covers so many live events and plus more amazing content! If you haven’t already, check out “DGPT: On Tour”  – a multi-part docuseries about The Disc Golf Pro Tour, the pros, and what all happens behind the scenes when they aren’t playing in tournaments. 

The Disc Golf Network covers all of these following events live: 

  • DGPT Silver & PDGA Euro Tour Events 
  • DGPT Elite, Elite+, & Playoffs
  • PDGA Champions Cup
  • European Open
  • Presidents Cup at European Open
  • PDGA Pro World Championships
  • United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship
  • United States Disc Golf Championship
  • The Monday Qualifying at the United States Disc Golf Championship

More information of all of the live media coverage can be found in the 2023 Live Media Plan. Subscribe to watch the Disc Golf Pro Tour on the Disc Golf Network here!

What You’ll Need: Discs, a water bottle, and comfortable tennis shoes. 

There are many different types of discs out there! For beginners we recommend staying away from high speed discs. Try throwing some lighter weight discs when you start out playing disc golf so that way you can adjust to throwing. There are four numbers on discs that mean different things, the first number is speed, the second is glide, the next is turn, and the last is fade. 

Want to get your friends into disc golf? Look out for an upcoming Disc Golf Pro Tour article about getting your friends into the game! Are your friends new to the sport of disc golf? Many disc brands we love put out some truly awesome starter sets. You can get starter sets from at a lot of different of places, but we recommend checking out some of these amazing starter sets from these Disc Golf Pro Tour Partners:

Find more discs at the Disc Golf Pro Shop!


Keep Score of your game! 

Want to keep track of your progress in Disc Golf? Score your games and find different disc golf courses near you all with UDISC. You can download UDisc, the app for disc golfers, to your phone and use it while out on the courses! 

Where to go: Disc Golf Courses! 

There are so many different disc golf courses around the globe to play at! Check out this interavctive map from the PDGA, you can use it to locate disc golf courses near you. Want even more resources to find amazing disc golf courses? Download the UDisc app to find some great courses and you can read reviews on the courses from local disc golfers in your community. Some courses are better for beginners with shorter tee shots and less and require less technical shots from the player. There are even 9 hole courses that you can find in the UDisc app that are a great place for beginners to start! You can also get more information on these laid back courses which are great for beginners from local clubs and orginizations in your area. Take a look at the events tab at the bottom of UDisc to find a local event near you. 

Keep tuned in for more article on getting into disc golf and the disc golf pro tour! Make sure to subscribe to the DGPT/DGN newsletter to get news and important information about the Disc Golf Pro Tour in your inbox weekly.

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