FPO Coverage Volunteers Wanted


Many hands make light work. The Pro Tour is looking for help. We want to make a highlight video that features every FPO player at the San Francisco Op…


DGPT Tee Time Policy


The Disc Golf Pro Tour has implemented a Tee Time policy to assist with uniform tee time assignments across all DGPT events. Moving forward events wil…

Same Day Shot by Shot FPO Coverage


At the San Francisco open, we will be adding another benchmark to our Live Broadcast Timeline. For the first time ever, we will be attempting to provi…

SFO: FPO – All Cards Filmed


At the inaugural San Francisco Open (SFO), we will be working hard to film every women’s card, every day. The goal is to create an awesome highlight r…

Test Event Q&A: The Challenge at Goat Hill Park – Driven by Innova


We sat down with Allen Risley (the man who fathered A.J. Risley) to discuss the event he held this past weekend at Goat Hill Park. Allen believes Goat…

Pro Masters and the Pro Tour


There has been some discussion on tour lately regarding the Pro Masters division. We even discussed it in a recent podcast. In the past, I have put fo…

Disc Golf Viewership – Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow


Three events in and the numbers are good. Viewership is up. Average time watching is up. Onsite engagement is up. When you combine more people watchin…

Offsite Commentary for the Jonesboro Open presented by Prodiscus


For more than a year, Smashboxx TV and the DGPT have worked through the technological hurdles of incorporating offsite commentary. There are many pote…


Prospective Pro Tour Events


In 2018, the pro tour will be looking closely at a handful of events to see if they have what it takes to become pro tour stops in the future. As we c…


Women’s Tees – Memorial Review


In reviewing the women’s tees at the Memorial, there were some successes, some over adjustments, some oddities, and some lessons learned. Additionally…


Pro Tour Smoking Policy


Beginning March 14, 2018, the Pro Tour will align its events to match the PDGA’s smoking policy for PDGA Majors and NTs. The policy, as quoted from th…


Women’s Tees at The Memorial


The women will be playing from different tees (or to different pins) on five holes at Vista Del Camino and six holes at Fountain Hills this week at th…

The awesome reason this ‘golf’ game is taking the world by storm.


Taking the world by storm, according to Upworthy.

DGPT Fantasy – Over $7500 in prizes!


Pro Tour Fantasy League Show your friends that you know more about the Pro Tour. Pick your Fantasy Champions! (use Signup Code “DGPT”) Ten Pro Tour Ev…

Pro Tour Payouts: Up $10,000


In 2016 and 2017, the minimum added cash at each Pro Tour stop was $10,000. This year we are increasing this number to $10,500. While it is a relative…

2018 Tour Championship returns to Jacksonville


The Disc Golf Pro Tour is proud to announce that the 2018 Tour Championship will be help at New World Disc Golf in Jacksonville, FL on Oct 18-21. Addi…


Feature Cards: Memorial Championship presented by Discraft


The Pro Tour, in coordination with the TDs, has developed a Feature Card Selection system. The system will reward past champions, tour points leaders,…

MVP Blackhole Portal / Discraft Chainstar Pro approved for play on the Pro Tour


The first two baskets to be approved under the 2018 Basket Approval system are listed below. These baskets ability to catch will be reviewed and compa…

Pro Tour to bring back Circle Zero


This has been an inspiring off-season as we work to improve the live broadcast. One of the improvements we hope to make is thru the rebirth of the Cir…

2018 DGPT Basket Approval


The Pro Tour will be modifying our 2018 Basket Approval process. Our previous two-step approval process relied on approval by the PDGA that the basket…

Scoring System Live Conversation


Next week we will be holding two live conversations to discuss how to use the UDisc Live app. Using the UDisc Live app will be a responsibility of the…