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A story in the making, meet heather young

By Baker Helton


Heather Young picked up her first golf disc in the Winter of 2017/18. 19 months later, she is on the lead card at her first Disc Golf Pro Tour event. Did we mention that she is 16? Cameras on cell phones have been around longer. Elaine King first picked up a golf disc in 1983. She has won more majors than you have fingers.

Elaine and Heather have become friends on the course and the Idlewild Open is the third time that they have competed. In August of 2018, at the Music City Open*, Heather’s first pro event, Elaine beat Heather by 20. In May of 2019, at Tennessee States, Elaine and Heather were tied after regulation, with Elaine winning in the playoff. In July of 2019, at her first Disc Golf Pro Tour event, Heather finds herself on the lead card going into the final round, three strokes ahead of Elaine.

A quick history of Heather Young’s disc golf career:

  • December of 2017: Heather picks up her first golf disc
  • March of 2018: First tournament, winning in the advanced division
  • August of 2018: First tournament in the open division. Music City Open. Notable: She got sixth out of nine, losing to Elaine King by 20 strokes.
  • Spring/Summer 2019: Competed in five PDGA events so far, winning four of them. Notable: Her one loss was to Elaine King in a playoff.
  • July of 2019: Competed in the Idlewild Open. After two rounds, she finds herself on the lead card. Notable: She has three strokes on Elaine King.

We have a story in the making in this 16 year old phenom. This home schooled disc golfer has three sisters and is an excellent student athlete. She excels at history (and all of her studies) and is learning to play the piano. In addition to that, she currently leads Elaine King by three going into the final round of her first Disc Golf Pro Tour event. She is also on the lead card due to her hot round.

*It should be noted that Madison Walker won the Music City Open


Photos courtesy the Young family.
Her dad promised he would take her to a big tournament, for example the Idlewild Open, when she reaches a 900 rating. Little did he know it would happen so quickly. In 2018, her PDGA rating was in the mid 800s. In the Spring of 2019, with some practice and more events under her belt, she shot up to 896 and then eclipsed 900 in the last ratings update. At this rate, she will be rated in the 925 range at the end of the year, putting her in the top 30 of all female players, rating wise. Also at this rate, Idlewild will be an annual happening for the family vacation for the foreseeable future. All of us, especially Elaine King, look forward to watching Heather Young continue to grow into an extraordinary person and disc golfer.

She, and the rest of her foursome, go live at 9:00 Eastern today. Tune in and cheer them on.