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4,000 ways to adjust the Majestic payout.

The Pro Tour has three events under its belt. Much has been learned. We’ve adapted to improve the consumption of the UDisc scoring and stats. We’ve finally figured out how to best utilize the Multi-Card Coverage. We’ve also learned that many players like the idea of a geographically sensible tour and a responsive group of people running the events.
There have been plenty of hiccups, and we’ve learned and adjusted from all of them.

The Majestic, our third event, provided our best live coverage to date, another successful roll-out of the ever improving live scoring and statistics, and an amazing festival / socially engaging experience. However, there was one significant hiccup. The MPO/FPO payout was short the stated $10K minimum added purse.

One of the learning curves of the tour is that the Pro Tour is focused on the MPO and FPO divisions only. While the Majestic added just shy of $10,000 to the event as a whole (~$9,500), only $6,000 was added to the MPO/FPO purse. The Pro Tour is going to make this correct and add $4,000 to the MPO/FPO payout.

The funds will be split between the divisions in the same proportion as the Majestic payout. The funds will then be paid out following the PDGA payout calculator for large events. We are reaching out to players to collect PayPal email addresses. If you cashed at the Majestic in the MPO or FPO division and have not been contacted, please email us .

Added Cash Calculation: Entry Fees

  • MPO Pay-in: $150 entry fee * 130 players
  • FPO Pay-in: $100 entry fee * 16 players

Added Cash Calculation: Admin and PDGA Fees

  • MPO: $7.50 + $4.00 * 150 players (this includes a 5% admin fee and the PDGA player fee)
  • FPO: $5.00 + $4.00 * 150 players (this includes a 5% admin fee and the PDGA player fee)

Added Cash Calculation: Pay-in (Entry Fees – Admin/PDGA Fees)

  • MPO: $18,005
  • FPO: $1,456

Added Cash Calculation: Pay-out

  • MPO: $22,885
  • FPO: $2,600

Added Cash Calculation: $25,485 – $19,461 = $6,024 Added Cash

We will be sending out an additional $4,000 to make the payout correct, per Pro Tour standards. Our apologies for the confusion and concern that this has caused. We look forward to learning from this experience, putting checks in place (no pun intended! 🙂 to make sure it does not happen again, and going forward stronger as an organization.