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Top 5 Moments from the 2024 Dynamic Discs Open!

By Nick Quargnenti

1) Calvin Heimburg Reclaims His Throne!

Calvin Heimburg clinched the title at the 2024 Dynamic Discs Open in Emporia, Kansas, marking his first DGPT* event victory in over a year, a whopping 371 days! Throughout this winless stretch, Heimburg continued to showcase his consistency with an impressive 16 Top-5 finishes, only slipping out of the top-5 on 4 rare occasions.

This triumph also solidifies his status with an 8th career DGPT* event win and an impressive streak of 5 consecutive years clinching at least 1 DGPT title. Adding to his accolades, Heimburg now ties Simon Lizotte for the 3rd most DGPT* wins of all time, excluding DGPT Silver Events where Heimburg boasts 2 additional victories.

Calvin Heimburg celebrates his win. Photo: Kevin Huver

The “4th” was with Vinny this weekend as his performance was nothing short of stellar. Heimburg led the pack in reaching both C1 (59%) and C2 (80%) in regulation, and in birdie percentage, matching Gannon Buhr and Ricky Wysocki at 57%. This prowess translated into leading the field in strokes gained from tee-to-green (12.51).

He also attained his highest event rating of the season with an average event rating of 1060, showcasing his consistency. While a PDGA Pro Major win still eludes him, this victory propels him to the top-8 for most PDGA Pro Major and DGPT* event wins, further solidifying his status as one of disc golf’s elite competitors, no matter the time or place!

2) Emily Weatherman’s Career Milestone Finish!

Emily Weatherman shined brightly at the Dynamic Discs Open, securing an impressive podium finish that marks a monumental milestone in her growing career. With this being her 7th /DGPT* event/PDGA Pro Major since her debut earlier in 2024, Weatherman delivered her best performance yet, claiming her first-ever podium spot, surpassing her previous best of 8th-place at the 2024 Texas State Disc Golf Championship.

Achieving a career-high event rating of 982, she also celebrates her inaugural appearance on a DGPT event lead card during round 2, signaling her ascent in the competitive ranks. Hailing from Abilene, Texas, Weatherman’s standout performance began with a stellar round 1, where she tied for 1st by hitting an impressive 21 out of 22 fairways, with just 1 throw veering out-of-bounds.

This precision set the tone for her weekend, as she maintained the fewest OB throws in the entire field, tallying only 6 by tournament’s end, a remarkable feat considering the harsh terrain at the formidable Champions Landing this weekend. Weatherman’s remarkable showing not only solidifies her presence among the sport’s elite but also heralds the promising trajectory of her career.

3) Paul Ulibarri’s Putting Mastery Continues!

Paul Ulibarri continues to dominate as the premier MPO putter from C1X, maintaining his top-ranking position even after the Dynamic Discs Open. With a stellar performance on day 1, where he achieved a flawless 100% from C1X, hitting all 6 attempts, Ulibarri concluded the tournament with an impressive 96% success rate, marking the 4th best in the field.

Ulibarri lines up a putt at the 2023 Open at Austin. Photo: Kevin Huver

Notably, despite his remarkable accuracy, Ulibarri boasts the largest spread of C1X putts among the top performers this weekend, totaling 28 attempts, significantly higher than his closest competitor (Paul Krans – 15 attempts).

His consistency throughout the season continues to impress, as he leads the pack in C1X putting with a staggering 93.07% success rate in DGPT* events/PDGA Pro Majors, surpassing his nearest rival, Andrew Marwede, by a notable margin (89.82%).

Beyond his putting prowess, Ulibarri’s extensive experience and depth in the sport are evident, with an impressive track record of 131 events across DGPT* events and PDGA Pro Majors, boasting podium finishes in 4% of his appearances and securing a spot in the top-10 27% of the time. With a solid cash rate of 79% and an average event rating of 1021, Ulibarri’s career earnings to date stand at an impressive $341,162.00, cementing his status as one of the sport’s most seasoned and accomplished players.

4) Lisa Fajkus Returns to Form!

Lisa Fajkus concludes her run at the Dynamic Discs Open with a notable T4th-place finish, marking a significant achievement in her disc golf journey. Despite previous appearances on final round lead cards, this event stands out as her first time leading going into the final round of an FPO DGPT* event/PDGA Pro Major.

Lisa Fajkus lines up her shot at the 2024 DDO. Photo: Kevin Huver

Setting a new personal record, Fajkus achieved her highest average event rating to date, reaching an impressive 979 out of her 99 total events across DGPT* events and PDGA Pro Majors. This stellar performance also marks her first top-5 (and best) finish since 2022 Ledgestone, where she secured 3rd place. Additionally, her consistent presence within striking distance of victory is highlighted by her status as the 2nd most frequent FPO contender who has been within 5 or fewer strokes of the winner among 0-time winners, an impressive feat that underscores her competitive spirit and resilience on the course.

5) Joseph Anderson: Buckets of Success!

Joseph “Joey Buckets” Anderson showcased a standout performance at the Dynamic Discs Open, culminating in a career-defining 4th-place finish, his best career finish yet. With an impressive round 3 score of -13, marking the new course record at Champions Landing, and his 3rd hot round of the season across 8 DGPT* events/PDGA Pro Majors, Anderson continues to solidify his status as a rising star in the sport.

Joseph Anderson at the 2024 DDO. Photo: Kevin Huver

This remarkable achievement follows a string of successes, including his first PDGA Pro Major lead card appearance at the 2024 Champions Cup, where he secured a commendable t-6th position. Notably, Anderson’s season has been a testament to his growth and perseverance, with this being his 3rd consecutive top-10 finish, a stark contrast to his performance in 2023, where he had no top-10 finishes out of 7 total events.

Furthermore, boasting his best average event rating of the season AND his career at an impressive 1048, Anderson’s trajectory highlights his emergence as a formidable contender on the Disc Golf Pro Tour, proving that hard work and dedication truly pay off in the pursuit of greatness.

BONUS) Chris Clemons Strikes Gold! 

In a thrilling moment during Round 1 of the Dynamic Discs Open, Chris Clemons delivered an ace on the renowned Hole 16, spanning 320 feet at Champions Landing. This marks Clemons’ first ace in a DGPT* event or PDGA Pro Major since his memorable shot on Hole 4, measuring 327 feet, during Round 1 of the 2023 PDGA Champions Cup. Despite the electrifying start, Clemons concluded the tournament in a tie for 16th place, mirroring his best finish of the season so far, previously achieved at the 2024 Music City Open.

* DGPT wins include standard DGPT, DGPT+, and DGPT Playoff events.

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