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Top 5 Moments from the Copenhagen Open!

By Nick Quargnenti

1) Eveliina Salonen’s Clutch Comeback!

Eveliina Salonen emerged victorious at the 2024 Copenhagen Open, clinching her first DGPT Europe event of the year (and her 3rd win of the season) in a thrilling 2-hole playoff against Kaidi Allsalu. The excitement peaked when Salonen, displaying a putting confidence that she’s lacked in the past, nailed a Circle 2 step-putt for an eagle on Hole 18, forcing the playoff and ultimately securing the win.

Despite a slow start, Salonen unleashed the full potential of her game during the 2nd round, carding an impressive -11, catapulting her 8 spots up to 2nd place. Heading into the final round trailing Allsalu by 4 strokes, Salonen staged a remarkable comeback. Her -16 round tied with Allsalu for the tournament’s hot score, while she led the field in key statistics, boasting a 25% parked percentage, reaching Circle 1 and Circle 2 in regulation at 52% and 80%, respectively, and gaining an impressive 26.09 strokes from tee to green.

Notably, her birdie percentage, tied with Allsalu at 43%, showcased Salonen’s ability to capitalize on opportunities. Salonen’s triumph marks a significant milestone in her career, especially considering that prior to 2024, she had only secured 1 PDGA Pro Major win and 2 DGPT* event victories. However, in 2024 alone, she has already matched her PDGA Pro Major win tally and added 2 more DGPT* event wins, solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with in the FPO division

2) Jesse Nieminen’s First DGPT Win!

Jesse Nieminen clinched an MPO victory at the 2024 Copenhagen Open, etching his name in history as the 2nd MPO Finnish player to triumph in a DGPT* event and securing his first PDGA win outside of Finland. Nieminen’s journey to victory was marked by resilience, notably during round 2, where he delivered a scorching -13, unofficially rated at 1071, hitting every C2 in Regulation except for one and boasting a flawless 100% fairway hit rate.

Leading the field in reaching C1 (61%) and C2 (94%) in regulation during his 2nd round, Nieminen’s stellar play propelled him to 1st place with 18 holes to go, narrowly edging out Paul Ulibarri by one stroke. This victory adds to Nieminen’s impressive resume, which includes a 9th place finish at the Invitational earlier in 2024 and titles as a 2x PDGA Euro Tour and 1x European Pro Tour winner, now adding a DGPT Europe crown to his achievements.

Despite his relatively limited experience in DGPT* and PDGA Pro Major events, with 13 total appearances, Nieminen has proven himself a formidable contender, securing top-10 finishes thrice and making cash at 7 of those events, with his sole top-5 finish on Tour before this weekend taking place  at the 2019 European Open.

3) Kaidi Allsalu’s Commanding Presence in Copenhagen!

In an electrifying turn of events, Kaidi Allsalu led the charge throughout the entirety of the Copenhagen Open, solidifying her strong showing  with a commanding 4-stroke lead heading into the final round. Allsalu, whose previous best finish in DGPT or PDGA Pro Major events was 9th at the 2023 European Open, showcased remarkable consistency and skill throughout the tournament.

Her standout performances were highlighted by field-leading statistics, including a birdie percentage of 43%, on par with Eveliina, and an impressive 33% accuracy in Circle 2 putting. Additionally, her average putt make was the farthest in the field, at 15.4 feet, as well as her total putting distance of 860 feet, which underscored her proficiency on the green, culminating in a remarkable strokes gained putting stat at 8.38 for the event.

Allsalu’s stellar play and undeniable talent throughout the Copenhagen Open established her as a contender who has the total package on the course, captivating fans with her remarkable performance and poised demeanor under pressure.

4) Young Guns on the Rise at Copenhagen Open!

In a remarkable display of youthful talent, Roland Kõur and Eetu Tuominen, both 16 years old, stunned the disc golf scene by securing spots in the top-5 in the MPO field at the Copenhagen Open, the first DGPT Europe event of the year.

Tuominen’s exceptional performance saw him clinch a T2nd place finish, highlighted by a stellar -11 second round where he led the field in reaching Circle 1 in regulation at an impressive 61%. Prior to this season, Tuominen’s competitive experience was relatively limited, having participated in only one Tour event, the 2023 European Open, where he finished 50th.

Roland Kõur at the 2024 Copenhagen Open. Photo: Kevin Huver

Similarly, Roland Kõur, making his DGPT Europe debut, defied expectations by securing a top-5 finish without any prior DGPT/PDGA Pro Major experience. Their remarkable achievements underscored their immense potential and served as a testament to the bright future of European disc golf, captivating fans with their impressive skills and youthful vivacity.

5) The Melting Pot of 2024 FPO Winners in Disc Golf Pro Tour!

The 2024 Disc Golf Pro Tour season has unfolded as a captivating saga of diversity and talent in the FPO division, with a melting pot of winners gracing the podium across DGPT* and PDGA Pro Major events. From the shores of Finland to the landscapes of Estonia and the heartland of the United States, the winners’ circle has seen a delightful mix of nationalities and skillsets. Eveliina Salonen from Finland and Kristin Tattar from Estonia have each claimed victory 3 times, showcasing their seemingly limitless talent on the course.

Meanwhile, American players Missy Gannon and Ohn Scoggins have clinched 2 and 1 wins respectively, adding to the eclectic mix of champions. Not to be outdone, Anniken K. Steen from Norway secured a memorable triumph, rounding out the diverse roster of FPO DGPT* and PDGA Pro Major winners. As the season progresses, the FPO division continues to deliver thrilling performances, keeping us on the edge of our seats with each tournament’s exciting and unpredictable conclusion.

* DGPT wins include standard DGPT, DGPT+, and DGPT Playoff events.