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Flying Discs & Friendly Rivalries: DGPT 2024 All-Star Weekend Recap

By Nick Quargnenti

It’s going to take more than some rain to scare off our All-Stars! The 2024 DGPT All-Star Weekend marked a thrilling start to the 9th season of the Pro Tour. Now in its 4th consecutive year, All-Star Weekend brought together the sport’s elite in an exciting 3-day spectacle, featuring a riveting Skills Challenge, an intense Doubles tournament, and a nail-biting Singles showdown to conclude the exhibition event.

2024 All-Star Weekend at Olympus DGC. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGPT

The selection process for this year’s qualified All-Stars (revealed during our End of Season Awards) consisted of a formula that accounted for players’ 2023 end-of-season DGPT point totals, a fan vote, and a media vote.

Now, when it comes to determining the winning teams at All-Star Weekend, it’s a points game. Whether it’s doubles or singles, amassing more points by outplaying the opponents you’re matched up with is the way to achieve victory. Click here for a comprehensive breakdown of the 2024 All-Star Weekend pairings and format.

2024 All-Star Weekend at Olympus DGC. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGPT

Skills Challenge Sets the Stage

Friday’s kickoff unfolded with the Skills Challenge, a distinctive display of putting, distance, and accuracy prowess. Notably, rather than factoring into the overall All-Star team points, the Skills Challenge was a distinct individual exhibition event where a select group of additional touring players joined the All-Stars to showcase their skills in these challenges. This slightly expanded field would go on to battle it out for individual honors in each competition.

In the Distance Competition, our champions were the remarkable 16-year-old Eliezra Midtlyng for FPO, who reached an impressive 503ft, and Anthony Barela for MPO, breaking the 700-foot mark with his second throw at a whopping 713ft.

Moving on to the Accuracy Competition, Chris Dickerson for MPO set the tone by nailing bullseyes on 5 of his first 6 throws, securing victory alongside Jessica Weese for FPO as our Accuracy Competition champions.

Last but certainly not least, in the Putting Competition, Ohn Scoggins dominated the greens, outclassing the FPO contestants, while Andrew Marwede, closely trailed by James Proctor, claimed victory as our Putting Competition champions.

Fierce Competition & Doubles Team Triumphs

With the stage set, the weekend transitioned into the team-based competitions. Captains for the FPO and MPO teams, Missy Gannon, Ohn Scoggins, Calvin Heimburg, and Isaac Robinson, strategically drafted their squads based on the qualified All-Stars. The rosters were a fusion of seasoned veterans and rising stars!

Despite the soggy conditions outside, players and fans hit the fairways at the renowned Olympus Disc Golf Course for Saturday’s Doubles Competition. The battle for points raged on as each team vied for supremacy, setting the stage for the ultimate showdown on Sunday.

Team Missy and Team Ohn clashed in the FPO division, with Team Missy ultimately emerging victorious at the end of Doubles Saturday by a narrow margin, securing a 2-1 victory with wins in 2 of 3 doubles matches. Meanwhile, in the MPO division, Team Isaac and Team Calvin fought fiercely, kicking off the points-based competition with a tie at 1.5 total points.

A highlight we have to mention is Henna Blomroos’ ACE on Hole 3 during her Doubles round! The first ace of the 2024 DGPT season!

In the FPO division, the dynamic Doubles Team of Ella Hansen & Ali Smith secured the top score en route to a win with an impressive -10, they narrowly edged out Team Missy Gannon & Holyn Handley for the best score during FPO doubles, Gannon & Handley finished just one stroke behind at a solid -9.

On the MPO side, it was a close race, with Team Calvin Heimburg & James Proctor and the Robinson brothers (Team Isaac Robinson & Ezra Robinson) both posting the lowest scores in the field at an impressive 7 under par to secure wins in their respective doubles matches. Click here for a detailed look at all the matchups and scores or follow us on Facebook or Instagram!

Soggy Showdown: The Saga of Singles Sunday

As Sunday rolled in, so did the persistently wet conditions, intensifying the challenge on the already daring course for our All-Stars in the Singles Competition. Team Missy continued their winning streak, triumphing over Team Ohn by securing wins in 4 out of 6 FPO singles matches and locking up an overall win for Team Missy at All-Star weekend.

Standout performer Holyn Handley took center stage, achieving the remarkable feat of -4, standing out as the only player in both fields to finish Singles Sunday below par. Close on her heels were Ella Hansen and Sarah Hokom, sharing the 2nd spot with even-par scores in their respective singles rounds. Adding a touch of magic to the weekend, Macie Velediaz left an indelible mark with not 1 but 2 birdie throw-ins on 2 of the first 3 holes Sunday morning!

The course truly showed its teeth to our MPO All-Stars, challenging the entire field to finish with nothing lower than an even-par score. Breaking the deadlock, Team Isaac emerged victorious over Team Calvin in the MPO Singles Competition, securing a total team score of 3.5-2.5 thanks to 3 wins and 1 push on Singles Sunday.

Notable performances on the MPO side came from Aaron Gossage, Ezra Robinson, and Kyle Klein, each finishing with an even-par score at the conclusion of their respective singles rounds. Notably, Ezra would also go on to card the ONLY birdie we’ve seen all weekend (Doubles and Singles) on Hole 5 during his singles round!

All-Star Weekend Legacy

As the sun set on the Olympus Disc Golf Course, the echoes of cheers and the memories of breathtaking throws lingered. Team Missy emerged as the 2024 FPO All-Star champions, triumphing over Team Ohn by a decisive 3-point margin. Securing victories on both days, they sealed their dominance with a final score of 6-3.


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In the realm of the 2024 MPO All-Star teams, it was Team Isaac who emerged triumphant. Their Singles Competition finesse led to a nail-biting victory over Team Calvin by a mere 1-point difference, concluding with a final total score of 5-4. Click here for a detailed look at all the final tallies or follow us on Facebook or Instagram!


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The 2024 DGPT All-Star Weekend not only celebrated individual brilliance but also forged stronger bonds within the disc golf community. With this unforgettable kick-off, the DGPT’s 9th season is poised to be a captivating journey, promising more spectacular throws, strategic plays, and moments of pure disc golf magic.

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