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Allen, Wysocki Stay Up Top – 2023 Preserve Championship Round 2 Recap

By Nick Quargnenti

2023 DGPT – Preserve Championship Round 2 Recap

Sunday, July 2, 2023 – 09:41

Catrina Allen at the Preserve on Saturday. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

The hot rounds kept coming on day two of the 2023 DGPT — Preserve Championship powered by Prodigy with a battle for the top of the FPO leaderboard and one MPO player taking a solid lead over the field.

Battle for the Lead

After shooting the course record in the opening round, Catrina Allen started Moving Day with a four-stroke lead over the field. Allen had a bit of a rocky start, taking a stretch of pars after a bogey on Hole 2.

“I felt not the most comfortable to start the round, I felt a little nervy,” Allen said after the round, “It took me until I would say about Hole 6 to get in the mindset I was in all day yesterday.”

This slow start gave Kristin Tattar a chance to catch up with a hot start, going three down through the first four holes. By the time the lead card hit the back 9, Allen and Tattar were in a back-and-forth battle for the lead.

Allen started heating up, scoring three straight birdies on Holes 8 through 10 while Tattar successfully made four putts from circle 2. By Hole 12, Tattar caught up with Allen as they were tied for the lead at 13 strokes under par. Allen ran into some trouble on Hole 14 when her approach shot went out of bounds, leaving her with a circle 2 putt for par. Hole 14 had only seen one birdie on the day, with many players choosing to lay up rather than risk going down the hillside past the basket.

“I just didn’t think I deserved a bogey is what I was telling myself,” Allen said of her mindset as she stepped up to her par save, “I’m going for it, I feel it.”

Allen’s putt hit the chains with authority, keeping her from losing her share of the lead. She carried this momentum through the rest of the round, taking birdies on Holes 16 and 17 to finish at 16 strokes under par.

Tattar slowed down a bit in the final stretch as her drive on Hole 17 hit an early tree, leading to her only bogey of the round. Even though Tattar couldn’t keep her strong pace going through the last few holes, she still shot the hot round and finished just three strokes back of the lead at 13-under. According to StatMando, Tattar is 0-16 when trailing by 3+ strokes heading into the final round on tour. With seven titles on tour this year, Tattar has proven her ability to come in clutch in the final round so we can expect a battle on Championship Sunday.

After winning the Las Vegas Challenge at the beginning of the season and taking multiple podium finishes since then, Allen is once again in position for the win. The windy conditions added uncertainty to routine shots and the pressure escalated as Allen fought to maintain her lead with a charging Tattar right behind. Through it all, Allen was resilient, keeping a strong focus on her mental game and growing more confident as the round went on.

“My mental game and my patience haven’t been the greatest, and I know that’s what is kind of holding me back so I really wanted to be conscious of that today.”

With Kat Mertsch and Ella Hansen in a tie for 3rd at 9-under, it seems like Allen and Tattar will be battling for the title in the final round of the 2023 Preserve Championship.


Ricky Wysocki at the Preserve on Saturday. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

Pedal to the Metal

In a rare exception to the logjam leaderboards we’ve seen at nearly every tournament so far this season, the MPO field finally has some score separation after Ricky Wysocki expanded his two-stroke lead into a four-stroke lead going into the final round. Wysocki took his first par of the tournament on Hole 1 in round two but immediately picked up the pace, going seven-under through the front 9.

After going OB and taking a par on Hole 10 (which played as the second easiest hole of the day with a 65% birdie rate) and leaving his drive short of the green on Hole 11, it seemed that Wysocki might be running out of steam. Wysocki had just seen his card mate Garrett Gurthie’s drive hit the top of the basket, but Wysocki’s drive didn’t have enough power and stalled out just short of the OB creek.

“I threw a midrange yesterday and I downgraded to a putter today. I shanked it and I got really lucky to even land safe,” Wysocki said of his drive on Hole 11, “I was just telling myself; I’ve got to capitalize now that I got a really good break.”

Wysocki’s drive was in bounds, leaving him free to lay up and take the easy par. Instead, he decided to go for it, already having made two putts from circle 2 and seeing an opportunity for another highlight putt. Wysocki threw it in from 95 feet for a birdie, running it in as the crowd erupted in applause.

After the round, Wysocki talked about his mindset going into the putt, saying, “Right before I threw the putt, I thought about my Minnesota Majestic putt that I hit for the win against Nate Sexton and so the last thought in my head was just that positive thought.”

Wysocki is known for being resourceful, recently making an 88ft par putt from the drop zone after his drive went OB on Hole 16 in round one of the Dynamic Discs Open. Once again, Wysocki proved his ability to make the best of a situation in which other players might be content to simply take the extra stroke.

Wysocki finished his round with an eagle on Hole 18 to go 12-under on the day and finish at 27 strokes under par. Meanwhile, Calvin Heimburg made his way onto the final round lead card after shooting the hot round at 13-under and finishing four strokes back of the lead. Heimburg is currently ranked #1 in the world after having a phenomenal season, so Wysocki’s lead is anything but safe.

When asked what it’ll take to win in the final round of the 2023 Preserve Championship, Heimburg said, “From what it looks like, it’s going to have to be pedal to the metal. I’m going to have to do something pretty crazy in order to give myself a chance to win.”

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