The 2021 Disc Golf Pro Tour Season is approaching quickly, and we are excited to release our Elite Series schedule which will feature 11 events plus the Tour Championship.

Due to the challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Tour will look very similar to this season’s schedule. The 2020 National Tour was postponed to 2021, making it sensible for the DGPT to replicate a similar path in 2021 to help follow the same geographically sensible Tour schedule. The Disc Golf Pro Tour will see many of the 2020 Tour stops back in the 2021 season. Scheduling has many parts, pieces, stakeholders, and layers, and we thank the PDGA for working collaboratively to deliver a schedule that, while not devoid of challenges, represents the largest and most collaborative professional disc golf tour in the history of the sport. 

The DGPT is also pleased to welcome a new addition to the Tour in 2021; The Las Vegas Challenge. The LVC provides an ideal venue for a Disc Golf Pro Tour event. With the ability to hold plenty of spectators and control access to the event – we are excited to add this prominent event to the schedule for 2021 and thank Jeff Jacquart and his team for working to reach an agreement to join the LVC. While the Memorial will step off the Elite Series for 2021, we hope to see the event join the SIlver Series and rejoin the Elite Series ranks in the future if possible. 

Taking a look at the entire Elite Series & Major Schedule for 2021, it breaks down into five different geographical regions. 

The South

  • The Las Vegas Challenge – February 25-28
  • Waco Annual Charity Open – March 12-14
  • Texas State Championships (National Tour) – March 26-28
  • Jonesboro Open – April 16-18
  • Glass Blown Open (National Tour) – April 28 – May 1

The Southern swing sees the Tour kickoff in Las Vegas this year, then swinging back through the south before finishing in Emporia on its way out west. With the Glass Blown Open’s return to the schedule in Emporia, for now, the Dynamic Discs Open looks like it will take a break, but there are hopes that we may see it again on Tour in the near future. 

The West

  • San Francisco Open – May 14-16
  • U. S. Women’s Disc Golf Championships (Major) – May 21-23
  • Masters Cup (National Tour) – May 28-30
  • Portland Open – June 4-6
  • Beaver State Fling (National Tour) – June 11-13
  • PDGA Professional World Championships (Major) – June 19-26

The West Coast swing offers players two weeks to move from the Glass Blown Open over to San Francisco. A section of the Tour that did not occur due to COVID-19 this season, the West Coast is a favorite of many pros. We are excited to get back to the SFO & Portland Open, as well as support the NT stops in California and Oregon in 2021, and truly hope to avoid the need for an adjustment that took the DGPT away from these events in 2020. The DGPT also looks forward to supporting the two PDGA Professional Majors during the West Coast Swing!


  • European Open (Major) – July 14-18

After wrapping up in Utah with the World Championships, the Tour will then jump over to Europe for the European Open and surrounding Euro Tour events. While we expect to see Silver Series events during this time, the Elite Series will take a break state-side for most of July before returning to the Mid-West Swing. 


  • Great Lakes Open – July 23-25
  • The Preserve Championship – July 30-August 1
  • Ledgestone Insurance Open – August 5-8
  • Idlewild Open – August 13-15

The Mid-West section of the Tour happens in one full sweep with four events on back-to-back weekends. This action-packed section of the Tour will see players return from Europe in Detroit and then make their way around the mid-west before a break to head East for the final stretch of the Tour.


  • Delaware Disc Golf Challenge (National Tour) – August 27-29
  • MVP Open at Maple Hill – September 3-6
  • Green Mountain Championship – September 9-12
  • Music City Open (National Tour) – September 24-26
  • U. S. Disc Golf Championships (Major) – October 6-9
  • Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship – October 14-17

The final stretch of the Tour offers some of the most challenging and beloved wooded golf in the world as players look to solidify their final Tour Standings. The season wraps up with the final Major of the season in Rock Hill, before culminating in the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship. 

It is shaping up to be an action-packed 2021 season with more announcements to come! While this schedule is final, events still working on finalizing sanctioning agreements have the potential to be added to this list. 

Once the A-Tier schedule is set, the Disc Golf Pro Tour will release its Silver Series schedule alongside the A-Tier announcement. Be looking forward to those announcements in the offseason!


  • Robert Johnson says:

    Thanks for all of the work you guys do. I am a subscriber and think that your product is terrific. I would really like to see a few minor improvements: 1) One of the standards for DGPT (IMO) are flags on baskets. It adds so much context to what the pros are experiencing as far as wind goes. It is a great visual. 2) When you put the start time on your websites, please include the time zone (EST, CST, PDT – whatever – just a couple of times it has been a little confusing). 3) More context on distances on par 4s and 5s – maybe some more markers on the course to understand distance to the pin – also there have been a few courses with significant water carries – be nice to know what those are. With Bushnell tools readily available, maybe just a little pre-planning can provide more context like the PGA tour does. 4) I know commentators is subjective and having done commentary work before – people do not realize how tough it is – but the chemistry between Terry and the Doss duo is just amazing. I love Jamie, but Terry is so good – maybe they could switch roles. I know you guys strive to improve – I cannot believe what live looks like compared to just a few years ago. Thanks SO much for all of the hard work you do. Your biggest fan – Bob Johnson 27284

    • Seth Fendley says:

      Thank you for your feedback and for being a fan, Robert. 1) We will take that into consideration for the future 2) The top of our website lists the live start times with the time zone beside it and in all of our recap articles, we also include a timezone for reference. 3) I’m not exactly sure where you are wanting this context? Our caddy books that we provide the players have relevant distance markers on them – if you’re speaking about during the live broadcast we are always working on making sure our commentators are as equipped as possible for the broadcast and will be looking to increase information like this going into next season. 4) We appreciate the feedback here, we have our plans for this season and as with everything we do will be evaluating in the offseason any adjustments we may make for 2021.

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