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By Baker Helton

An exciting second round of action from the Quarterfinals round of the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship at Hornet’s Nest Park! With 12 competitors in each division being widdled down to 4, anyone hoping to move on would have to give it their all and hope that their score was good enough to make it through to the Semifinals.

With a $30,000 first-place payout, every competitor out on the course today was throwing hoping they could win their way into the next day of competition.

In the FPO division, a few players got off to a hot start, including Holly Finley (+6) who aced the tough island of Hole 2. While the rest of her round didn’t keep pace, players like Heather Young (-5), Hailey King (-4), Jessica Weese (-4), Kona Panis (-3), and Juliana Korver (-3) all got off to hot starts and kept the pressure on the rest of the field. Deann Carey (-2) and Lisa Fajkus (-1) picked up a good number of birdies but just couldn’t keep extra strokes off their scorecards.

Young dominated most of the course, and despite a slight slip up on Holes 15 and 16, she was able to hold onto the hot round and advance with a score of -5. King played a solid round, only picking up 2 bogeys and scored often and early enough to keep pace and finish with -4. Weese managed to hold out and advance, despite a late bogey on Hole 18, as she was able to light up the course early and pick up some late birdies down the stretch.

The last spot to advance was a battle between Korver and Panis that came down to the last few holes. Panis carded two strings of 3 birdies and was sitting at -6 until some costly mistakes brought her +3 strokes on Holes 15 and 17. However, Korver was unable to capitalize on these mistakes as she carded a bogey on Hole 16, and shot +1 through the final 6 holes.

FPO Notes:

  • Deann Carey (-2) gained the most strokes putting at 3.35, but Lisa Fajkus (-1) was the only FPO player to throw 100% from C1X
  • Juliana Korver (-3) gained the most strokes from Tee to Green with 4.84, with Jessica Weese (-4) in second at 3.76
  • Holly Finley (+6) had the lone ace of the day, hitting the chains of the 267-ft Hole 2 with a skip off the island green


FPO Semifinal Round:

9:30 AM | Hailey King | Jessica Weese | Kona Star Panis | Heather Young

10:00 AM | Paige Pierce | Catrina Allen | Missy Gannon | Sarah Hokom


In the MPO division, it was a day of momentum as all 4 players who had played their way in from the first round all continued their dominance and put the pressure on the rest of the Quarterfinals players from the start.

Gannon Buhr (-7) and Nathan Queen (-7) both showed no signs of difficulty as they improved on their first-round scores, easily advancing to the Semifinals. Chris Clemons (-5) and Emerson Keith (-4) both had more ups and downs to their rounds, picking up some extra strokes along the way. At the end of the day, Keith came up just short as he bogeyed Hole 17 after carding birdies on 3 of the 4 holes prior. And despite Clemons shooting the same as Matthew Orum (-5), he will not be advancing due to tiebreakers, which are that Orum had finished higher with regular-season points.

A big surprise of the round was that some favorites came out with a slow start and struggled. Chris Dickerson (-3), a two-time DGPT Champion who also came in 2nd place at last year’s event at Hornet’s Nest, faltered slightly down the stretch, going +1 through 7 holes. A similar story happened with Ezra Aderhold (E), who just couldn’t put together a solid round and was +3 through the last 8 holes.

Andrew Marwede (-1) made a strong push, getting 5 birdies in a row from Holes 12 to 16, but had struggled too much early on and couldn’t jump any other players. And Matt Bell looked like he would have a shot at making the Semifinals, before taking a triple-bogey on Hole 17 that brought his tournament hopes to an end.

MPO Notes:

  • Gannon Buhr (-7), Chris Clemons (-5), and Ezra Aderhold (E) were the only players who were 100% from C1X
  • Andrew Marwede (-4) was 4 for 5 from C2 and gained 2.33 strokes on the field from C2, and had a 102-ft throw-in on Hole 5
  • Drew Gibson (-7) gained the most strokes from Tee to Green at 5.30 with Nathan Queen (-7) in second with 2.44

MPO Semifinal Round:

2:00 PM | Drew Gibson | Matthew Orum | Gannon Buhr | Nathan Queen

2:30 PM | Kyle Klein | Kevin Jones | James Conrad | Nikko Locastro

3:00 PM | Ricky Wysocki | Calvin Heimburg | Paul McBeth | Adam Hammes



Live Video Coverage

Disc Golf Network | Subscribe | Info

Watch the Quarterfinal rounds on Saturday, October 16th on the Disc Golf Network. The FPO tee off at 10:00 AM EST, while the MPO tee off at 2:30 PM EST. Follow along with the action on UDisc Live or the PDGA scorecard. And all Semifinal Post-Production rounds can be found on Jomez ProGatekeeper Media, and GK Pro.

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