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2018 Tour Championship returns to Jacksonville

The Disc Golf Pro Tour is proud to announce that the 2018 Tour Championship will be help at New World Disc Golf in Jacksonville, FL on Oct 18-21. Additionally, the event will once again be presented by Prodigy Discs. This talented crew helped to execute our first stand-alone Tour Championship last year and we are ready to step up and improve the event for the players and spectators in 2018.
Bigger Payout
You must qualify to play. In 2017, the average MPO rating at the Tour Championship was 1015, fully ten points higher than any other event. Good thing everyone gets paid, otherwise, cashing would be a very tall order.
With a 2017 payout over $40,000 and no entry fees, the added cash is pretty easy to calculate. Yes, the 2017 Tour Championship was second to only the Ledgestone in terms of added cash. And 2018 will be even bigger. With each player guaranteed to receive at least $500, the MPO winner getting $7500, and the FPO winner getting $2500, the 2018 Tour Championship payout of over $50,000 will be well earned and very fun to watch.

Venue Upgrades
In addition to the installation of over a dozen big screen TVs in the onsite sports bar, New World is working to create an even more amazing course and atmosphere for the Tour Championship. With the creative layout they utilize, two sets on nine holes out and two sets of nine holes back, there is an opportunity to utilize some different aspects of the property that last year’s hurricane prevented.
Another adjustment to the property is that the hole 1 golf tee is being moved 100 feet to the right so that it is not in alignment with the hole 1 disc golf tee. While this change does not impact the disc golf course directly, it does show that New World’s consideration of disc golf is significant. It may also be the first time in history that a disc golf course caused another sport/activity to adjust, as opposed to the other way around.

Tour Points Matter
Players will receive points for their best seven finishes from the nine tour stops. The more Tour Points you accumulate, the better your chances at advancing. There are two ways Tour Points help:

  1. Earning Byes: The top 16 MPO players and the top four FPO players will earn byes in Round 1. The top eight MPO players get a bye in the second round as well.
  2. Tour points break ties in the first two rounds, meaning if you tie someone to make the cut into the next round, the player with the most Tour Points advances

Bigger Am Side
The New World staff put on a great Am event concurrent with the Tour Championship last year. The top half of the amateur field made the cut to the final day and played the Championship layout. It was an awesome way to complete an amazing weekend.
This year, the goal is to expand the Am side to 152 players. In addition to the awesome player pack and DGPT Dollar payout, amateur players may get first dibs on reserving carts to watch the Tour Championship. If you are interested in playing, reach out to New World for more information.

Smaller Field
With an average payout over $1,111 per player, the Tour Championship is among the richest events in disc golf. Every player starts with a $500 check in their pocket just for attending. As they advance to the next round, the size of the check grows.
Just qualifying for the Tour Championship is an accomplishment, and in 2018, it will be even more significant. We are limiting the field from 50 MPO / 15 FPO to 32 MPO / 12 FPO. If any of the top 32/12 players are unable to attend, their spots will be filled by the next best player, according to Tour Points. This will ensure a full field and will make each round important.
The Tour Championship uses a bracketed format. Without a full field, the brackets become less important. In 2017, while 25 of the top 30 players were in attendance (two were out due to injury), it is important to fill the event to develop great story lines. While we had many amazing stories in 2017, we want even more!
Format Changes

MPO Side:

  • Round 1: 16 players compete, 17th-32nd in Tour Points. The top 8 advance.
  • Quarterfinals: 16 players compete, eight from Round 1 & 9th-16th in Tour Points. The top 8 advance.
  • Semifinals: 16 players compete as four 4somes, 8 from the QFs & 1st-8th in Tour Points. The winner of each card, plus a wildcard advance.
  • Finals: One round. Winner winner.

FPO Side

  • Quarterfinals: 8 players, 5th-12th in Tour Points, will compete. The top 4 advance.
  • Semifinals: 8 players compete as two 4somes, 4 from the QFs & 1st-4th in Tour Points. The winner of each card, plus two wildcards advance.
  • Finals: One round. Winner winner.
More Giving
We are also excited to welcome back, and possibly expand, ZUCA’s initiatives for breast cancer awareness at the event. Last year we raised over $4,000 . This year we want to investigate opening up the program and raising the bar to give even more. Disc golf has a rich history (pun intended) of giving back. It is in our spirit and it makes us feel good.
2018: Bigger and Better!