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2018 Scrambler of the Year Award

Each year the Disc Golf Pro Tour puts together a list of awards highlighting the success of players, events, and staff. Each day leading up to the new year we will take a moment to highlight one set of awards. Follow along to see who won what and highlights of how those feats were achieved.

The scrambler award goes to the tour card earning players with the best scrambling percentage across the two divisions.

The recipients of this year’s awards are both known for their skills in attacking the basket from anywhere on the course. While the scrambling skill may not always translate to wins on the course, it can definitely factor into the success of a player, as noted by the two players who scrambled the best in 2018.

In the FPO division was a player who many expected to have a break-out season in 2018. Instead we saw a player who quietly made a splash by consistently finding their way back into contention through scrambling after a misplaced throw. With a 68% scramble rate, Lisa Fajkus is the scrambler of the year for the FPO division in 2018.

In the MPO division a player who is known for their skills in the woods received the top scrambler award. Only playing the second half of the DGPT season, this player strategically selects the events they play in order to have the most competitive advantage on the course. It seems that strategy also translates to a solid scramble percentage. A scramble percentage which is boosted by him walking the course every morning, strategically planning how he will play each hole given the current course conditions. With a 79% scramble rate, Michael Johansen is the recipient of the scrambler of the year award for the 2018 season in the MPO division.

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