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2018 Ledgestone Insurance Open: MPO Round 1 Recap – Double Down on Double G.

​Leave it to the Ledgestone to bring us one of the tightest-packed leaderboards we’ve seen this year. There are only five throws that separate our leader, Garrett Gurthie from the rest of the top 10. Gurthie finished the round 9 under par, behind him is A.J. Risley and Chris Dickerson tied at 8 under par, and there is a four-way tie for fourth between Gregg Barsby, Matthew Orum, Nate Sexton, and Kevin Jones.
The Eureka Layout can be pretty crushing though, the MPO field averaged 5.12 over par with the likes of Josh Anthon, last year’s winner, and Ricky Wysocki finishing at 5 under, and Paul McBeth finishing at even. It’s also worth noting that none of the player’s on tomorrow’s lead card finished the round without taking an OB penalty. So let’s take a look at how it all happened.

Garrett Gurthie might seem like a new name to you this year if you hadn’t been watching disc golf a few years ago, but the casual crush of Double G is something the disc golf world has known about for a while now. Garrett is living proof that you can drive for dough and putt for show. He’s hitting Fairways at the same rate he’s making putts inside Circle 1. That’s honestly pretty rare to see in a hot round at a top-tier tournament. Leading the division in Fairway hits, ranked 2nd in making Circle 1 in regulation, but 92nd in putting inside circle 1 shows that a thrower can still make his mark in this new era of disc golf. Just compare his stats to our current second placeholder, A.J. Risley.

Risley made his mark last year on tour and is following up now. He’s one throw off of Gurthie right now but he finished the round with a perfect 100% putting inside Circle 1. Whether it was the bogey 4 he took on hole 9 or the missed birdie on the 260 ft hole 3, Risley played a scorcher of a round to earn himself a spot on tomorrow’s lead card. The highlight of Risley’s round came on the back 9 when he birdied 7 holes in a row with a couple of drop-ins and a few testers at the edge of the circle too.

Tied with Risley is Chris Dickerson who held on to the clean round a bit longer than Gurthie or Risley, taking his first bogey on hole 15. He had to hold on tight too, making three circle 2 putts for birdie during a 5 birdie streak in the heart of the round. It was the end of the round that slowed Chris down. He only carded one more birdie after hole 15 but closed it out with two pars. Check out Dicerkson’s well rounded stats below:

Rounding out the lead card for tomorrow is the top of a four-way tie for fourth, at 7 under par, is Gregg Barsby. He threw just as many birdies as Garrett did, but he couldn’t outrun the bogey machine, carding a +1 on holes 6, 14, and 17. Hole 6 did play the hardest on the course today at a full 1.15 over par average for the MPO field. 14 and 17 also averaged over par, but none the less it’s the bogies that separate Barsby from a tie for fourth and being the leader in the clubhouse at the end of the day.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow for recap footage of the FPO division at 3 PM EST and the MPO Feature card teeing off at 4 PM EST. Find our viewing schedule on our website here . Until then, go work on throwing like Double G., get that back arm above the front and throw like butter I’m sure you’ll throw a gator 450 ft too.

This article written by DGPT Editor & Writer Zach Podhorzer .