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2018 DGPT Championship Preview: Jonesin’ for a big win

​In the middle of 2017, there was a new guy on tour, and he was turning heads. He started his journey in July in Bowling Green, Kentucky where he took third place at a B-Tier. While at this point Kevin was not a household name, by the time day four of the USDGC rolled around, everyone who followed professional disc golf knew who Kevin was. Ever since Kevin’s hot start at the USDGC people have followed the Wonder Boy from Arkansas.

While Kevin’s peer Grady is relatively new to the sport of disc golf, Kevin has been around the game for a while.

Growing up on the disc golf scene in Arkansas he was affectionately referred to as “Little Kev” due to his lack of vertical prowess and but his uncanny ability to throw further than most disc golfers in the state. When Kevin joined the tour in 2017, Arkansas knew what was up, and they were excited to see how the rest of the disc golf community would respond.

While Kevin had a decent showing during his first year on tour, he knew it was just a taste and was ready to get back out on tour in 2018. Kevin started his season with much enthusiasm but struggled on the Disc Golf Pro Tour stage. Kevin began the season T35th and T29th at Memorial and WACO. At his home state event Kevin faired a little bit better, finishing T13th at Jonesboro, however, he still was not living up to his potential at Pro Tour events.

At the same time, Kevin was making a name for himself at National Tour events. Kevin finished ninth at Las Vegas, fifth at GBO, and twelfth at Master’s Cup. After a 24th place finish at the San Francisco Open Kevin lamented to me “I have the National Tour events figured out, here soon I will get the Pro Tour events figured out, and we will be in business.”

Figure them out he did, Kevin would proceed to finish top ten at the next four Disc Golf Pro Tour events, slowly raising his tour standings until he broke the top eight. At Discraft’s Great Lakes Open Kevin saw himself on a lead card for the first time at a Pro Tour event. During day one of the event, he carded an impressive -11 to match Dave Feldberg and Paul McBeth for the hot round of the tournament. This set Kevin up to be on the card for McBeth’s historic -18 round during day two of the Great Lakes Open.

Kevin would continue his hot streak, finding himself on the lead card of the final round at Idlewild and chase card during days two and four of the Ledgestone Insurance Open this season. Ultimately Kevin would shake off his rough start, dropping his first two events and finishing with 322.7 tour points a full 1.1 point above Grady Shue.

What to watch from Kevin during the semi-finals?

Kevin will take on the semi-finals alongside second place tour points finisher Ricky Wysocki. On tour, Kevin is 9th in parked percentage . Kevin will take advantage of the long, open holes at the New World Disc Golf Complex to increase that parked percentage and give Ricky Wysocki a run for his money in the chase for who will make the final round of the Pro Tour Championship. The parked percentage is the only stat that Kevin has the upper hand in between the two. While both regularly make circle one and circle two in regulation, if Kevin can be just slightly more accurate off the tee than Ricky he might have a chance at edging Ricky out for a spot on the final round card.

Looking back on this season, Kevin Jones is due a big win. It might just be that the reason why he has not won a premier disc golf event yet this season is that he is saving the best for last.

You can be the first to see if Kevin will bring home his big win at the Disc Golf Pro Tour presented by Prodigy if you subscribe to our YouTube channel , so you will know each time we go live October 18-22nd for the championship.

​Article written by DGPT VP of PR Seth Fendley