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2016 Tour Championship

The Pro Tour Championship is the culmination of a season long battle for supremacy. Between pride, the ring , and over $40k on the line, the Tour Championship is destined to be one of the most thrilling events our sport has ever seen. Let’s take a tour of how the event will work and why it is setup like it is.
Watch. And help us make the Tour Championship the single most watched event in disc golf history.

Note: the following is for MPO. The women follow a similar path with the Top 12 making it into the Tour Championship.

– At each of the five Pro Tour events, players will earn Tour Points. There are three sure fire ways to earn enough points to get into the Tour Championship:

  • Win a Pro Tour event
  • Finish in the top 10 a couple times
  • Finish in the top 50 at four or five events

Winning and top 10 finishes are heavily weighted to ensure top finishers are in the Tour

Championship. The other sure fire way to get in is to compete in all of the events and do reasonably well. In addition to rewarding players that can get in the top 10, we also wanted to encourage players to attend all or most of the events.

The Pro Tour Points System is well designed and will do exactly that. Additionally, after each event, the Pro Tour points will be instantly updated based so fans (and players) will know exactly where they stand and what they need to do to ensure they are in the Top 48.

– The Pro Tour’s final event, the Green Mountain Championships presented by Discraft, sold out 15 minutes after general registration opened. With the event being sold out, the only way to get in is by earning a Pro Tour Exemption . Exemptions will be given to players that, after the Ledgestone Open, are:

  • In the top 24 in Pro Tour Points or
  • In the top 48 in Pro Tour Points AND have competed in 3 or more Pro Tour events

We look forward to an exciting finish to the inaugural Pro Tour season. With the best players in the world not only competing for the GMC title, but also vying to be in the Top 48.

Tour Championship Quarterfinals
– The Top 8 player in Tour Points will receive a by to the semifinals, leaving the players in 9th through 48th in points to play a one round qualifier to get into the semis. Of these 40 players, eight will be sitting on the Semi Chairs to make the cut to the next round. As players finish the round, they will be invited to sit and watch their competitors navigate the course. As we (and they) watch the scores roll in, their spots in the semis will be secured, or lost.

Tour Championship Semifinals
– In the Semifinals, the players are seeded based on Pro Tour Points.

  • 8:00 MPO Card 1 – 1st, 8th, 9th, 16th
  • 8:40 MPO Card 2 – 2nd, 7th, 10th, 15th
  • 9:20 MPO Card 3 – 3rd, 6th, 11th, 14th
  • 10:00 MPO Card 4 – 4th, 5th, 12th, 13th

The plan is to provide live video coverage of two cards at a time and to be able to cover at least the final nine holes of each card. The winner of each card, along with one wildcard (best score that did not win their card), will advance to the finals. As happened in the quarters, the semis will invite the winner of each card and the wildcard to sit in the Finals Chairs, where we (and they) will be able to watch the other cards play their round, potentially knocking the wildcard off the podium.

Tour Championship Finals
– One round, five players. Winner takes home $10,000. Every else gets $2,000. While most other pro events have (correctly) gone to a relatively flat payout – which makes sense so players can stay on tour and earn a living – the Tour Championship Finals takes it to the opposite extreme. Why?

The goal of the Tour Championship Finals is to create the most anticipated single round of disc golf in history. Everyone playing in the finals is guaranteed a minimum payday of $2,000. There is no reason to look behind you and play safe to secure 2nd or 3rd. We want them playing aggressive and gunning for first. Get ready to watch!

Just for fun
, let’s look at other sports’ premier events:

  • NFL Superbowl – 1 game
  • MLB World Series – best of seven
  • NBA Finals – best of seven
  • Tennis Majors – best of five sets
  • Ball golf – four events with cuts between events down to 30 players in final event.
  • MLS Cup – 1 game (although the semi and quarter finals are a home and away aggregate)
  • MLF Cup – 3 rounds, whittling the anglers from 30 to 12 to the final round with just 6
  • NASCAR – Four elimination rounds, but everyone gets to race

While that does not tell us much except to say that every sport seems to have their own system that works for them. Additionally, many of these systems have been adjusted over time to create a better spectacle and/or a more fair competition. We look forward to putting on the greatest show the sport has ever seen – and then learning from it, improving it, and doing it again. And again …

​Welcome to the Modern Age of Disc Golf. Welcome to the Pro Tour.