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The Disc Golf Pro Tour is requesting proposals from independent media companies that are interested in partnering with the DGPT to create video media at events in 2021. Proposals will be accepted at through December 18th, 2020. For more information, please see our official RFP below.

If you have questions upon reading the proposal those can be directed to one of three people depending on the type of question:

2021 Requests for Proposal

Hello, and thank you for your interest in being a part of the 2021 Disc Golf Pro Tour!

What is an RFP?

RFP stands for Request for Proposals. This is the Disc Golf Pro Tour, asking you, the media team, what cards you’d like to cover on the Pro Tour, how you plan on covering those cards, and how much you’d be willing to pay (via cash or ad space) to cover those cards. Please send details of your proposal via email to the following people at the DGPT. If you would like to request a meeting to discuss, please include that as well.

What should I include in my proposal?

You should include:

  • What card (s) you’d like to cover
  • How you’re planning on covering them (how many cameras, your overall plan for the coverage, things that will make your coverage stand out, stuff like that).
  • How much you’re willing to pay for the right to cover the card and any other terms.

Cards Available 

Elite Series Events (MPO1, MPO2, FPO1)

  1. February 25-28: Las Vegas Challenge – Las Vegas, NV
  2. March 12-14: Waco Annual Charity Open – Waco, TX
  3. April 16-18: Jonesboro Open – Jonesboro, AR
  4. May 14-16: San Francisco Open – San Francisco, CA 
  5. June 4-6: Portland Open – Portland, OR
  6. July 23-25: Great Lakes Open – Milford, MI
  7. July 30-Aug 1: Preserve Championship – Clearwater, MN
  8. Aug 5-8: Ledgestone Insurance Open – Peoria, IL 
  9. Aug 13-15: Idlewild Open – Burlington, KY 
  10. Sept 3-5: MVP Open – Leicester, MA
  11. Sept 9-12: Green Mountain Championship – Smugglers’ Notch, VT 
  12. Oct 14-17: Tour Championship – Charlotte, NC 

Silver Series (MPO1, FPO1) – Pending Announcement week of December 7th

The following are tentative Silver Series dates for the 2021 season pending final approval this week. Official event announcements will be forthcoming. If media teams have questions regarding specific dates or the tentative Silver Series schedule they can reach out directly to the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

  1. March 19-21
  2. April 7-10
  3. April 22-24
  4. May 7-9
  5. July 2-4
  6. August 20-22

What ads do I have to include?

The Disc Golf Pro Tour asks for 3 ad placements per 9-hole video:

  • (1) :30 Second Full Screen Commercial
  • (1) :15 Second PxP Commercial (or equivalent – for example, a full screen commercial works here too).
  • (1) Lower Third/Logo Pop Up + Verbal Read/Shoutout 

These ads will be for DGPT, the presenting sponsor of the event, or a tour partner.

What representation do I have to include?

The Disc Golf Pro Tour asks for the following representations:

  • Intro & Outro Representation:
    • Clear representation that the event is a part of the Disc Golf Pro Tour.
    • Clear representation of official event name & presenting sponsor
    • Representation should be through both logo/text inclusion & commentary reads
  • DGPT Logo Bug when possible. 
    • This can be paired with a sponsor logo if it is an element you sell. 

How can I monetize my videos?

After serving the 3 ads listed above, you can monetize your videos however you like, provided that:

  • The Disc Golf Pro Tour and tournament presenting sponsor gets the right of first refusal on ads. That means, before going to another advertiser, you have to offer those ad placements to the DGPT, then to the tournament sponsor.
    • Example: We’re at Ledgestone. Before you can offer Innova ad placements in your video, you have to offer those ad placements to the DGPT and then to Discraft. 
    • Sean Jack will be the point of contact with the DGPT. He will either place more advertising via the DGPT or not. Sean will provide you with the correct point of contact for event advertising at that time as well.
    • If there is no response or ads placed by 6-weeks before the start of the event, the right of first refusal is lifted and you may sell ads to whomever you’d like. 
  • You can’t have more ad value from a direct competitor to the tournament sponsor.  
    • Example: We’re at Ledgestone again.  You have $1000 worth of Discraft Ads in your content. That means you can’t sell more than $1000 worth of Innova Ads. 
    • Important Exception: This only applies to direct competitors!  So, for example, you can have as many Bushnell (rangefinders) or Grip6 (apparel) or OTB (retailer) ads as you want at Ledgestone, because none of those companies are direct competitors to Discraft (discs)

Other Policies

  • DGPT Media Policy & Media Regulations: You must agree to follow these policies in order to film at DGPT events. 
  • Promotional Use: The Disc Golf Pro Tour asks for the right to use any footage filmed at DGPT events for promotional purposes such as highlights and social media posts. 
  • Archival Policy: The Disc Golf Pro Tour asks to archive all footage of DGPT events. Therefore, the DGPT reserves the right to add the video media created at DGPT events to the Disc Golf Network at the conclusions of each calendar year. This policy can be discussed with Jeff Spring. 

Proposals will be accepted at through December 18, 2020