Throw Down the Mountain (Cancelled)

March 20 - March 22

Brooksville, FL

The last tournament using the “original” Gran Canyon design was run in 2006. The property was sold in late 2008 and the final rounds were played on 11/24, the Monday after the Players Cup. The baskets came out immediately afterwards and speculation and rumors swirled about it’s future over the next 4 years. Since then the property was cleaned up to prepare it for residential development but when the housing market bubble burst shortly afterward, the nearly 60-acre plot went undeveloped.

It took Sun King Disc Sports nearly 4 years to get the owner of the property to allow the rebirth event that revived the property, so we are very grateful and humble to get this chance again. As discovered last year, the property has changed dramatically with some areas overgrown, some areas cleared and open and other areas either holding water or have sustained water and wind erosion over the past few years. This is why we have again chosen to use a modified 18-hole layout that features as much of the old course as possible, but also uses some areas that haven’t been used since some of the early tournaments or not at all.