The 2024 Turku Open is a DGPT Europe Elite Event taking place June 14th – June 16th at the Turku Open is played in the Luolavuori disc golf course, located right next to the city center of Turku, Suomi. The Turku Open, growing year by year, is larger than ever in 2024. With more extensive arrangements, a higher-quality international player lineup, and a renewed and more challenging course, the event’s appeal is set to reach new heights once again!

Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) Europe is an exciting new development for the sport, forged through the merger of the European Pro Tour (EPT) and the DGPT under a collaborative agreement. This partnership represents a significant step forward in professionalizing and expanding disc golf across Europe. Click here to learn more.

This year, there was a grand total of 133 players who participated, encompassing both MPO and FPO divisions. Congratulations to your MPO Champion Niklas Anttila and FPO Champion Silva Saarinen! Check out our top 3 moments event recap.

Event History:

Year MPO Winner Final Score FPO Winner Final Score
2024 Niklas Anttila -25 Silva Saarinen -11
2023 Jesse Nieminen -32 Rachel Turton -3
2022 Seppo Paju -30 Silva Saarinen +14
2021 Väinö Mäkelä -23 Eveliina Salonen -5
2020 Seppo Paju -24 Eveliina Salonen E
2018 Väinö Mäkelä -22 Henna Blomroos +16

Catch the Action from the 2024 Turku Open: