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Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) Europe is an exciting new development for the sport, forged through the merger of the European Pro Tour (EPT) and the DGPT under a collaborative agreement. This partnership represents a significant step forward in professionalizing and expanding disc golf across Europe. For more information on how this deal came together and to hear from the people involved, check out the official announcement.

Purpose and Vision: The unification of these tours is grounded in a shared vision to elevate the sport of disc golf in Europe. By pooling resources, expertise, and media capabilities, DGPT Europe aims to deliver a premier disc golf experience, fostering growth and excitement among players and fans alike.

Structure and Leadership: DGPT Europe will inherit leadership from the EPT. Juha Kytö, previously the CEO of EPT, now serves as the Media Director for DGPT Europe. Mikko Wikman, formerly the Tour Director for the EPT, has been appointed as the Operations Manager. Leiv Aspén, known for his role at the Krokhol Open, has also become a key part of DGPT Europe operations management.

Expansion and Support: DGPT Europe is committed to broadening professional disc golf’s footprint in Europe by utilizing the expertise and infrastructure of both the DGPT and PDGA Europe. This includes strategic advisement from Prodigy Europe, a key stakeholder and supporter since the EPT’s early days.

Collaboration with PDGA Europe: The PDGA Euro Tour, previously managed by PDGA Europe, has paused its independent series to bolster DGPT Europe. This decision underscores a unified effort to leverage PDGA Europe’s resources in supporting DGPT events across the continent.

Media Integration: A major component of this merger is the integration of EPT’s Disc Golf Stream with DGPT’s Disc Golf Network. All previous Disc Golf Stream subscribers who paid for a yearly plan will have free DGN access through the Copenhagen Open, and can choose to continue a paid subscription after that. 

This new DGPT Europe era is not only a strategic expansion but also a celebration of the sport’s potential in Europe. It promises to bring fresh opportunities and a heightened experience for the disc golf community, highlighting the sport’s ongoing evolution and increasing popularity.

More Information

Use the tabs on this page to learn more about the 2024 DGPT Europe schedule, points structure, and more!




Five European tournaments from previous stops on the European Pro Tour or PDGA Euro Tour are included in the standard 2024 DGPT event class (100% points weight – sanctioned as PDGA Elite Series). Six additional events (sanctioned as PDGA A-tiers) have been awarded DGPT Europe Silver Event status (50% points weight). 

While the DGPT recently announced that it had ended the use of the Silver Event designation for U.S. events, it will continue to sanction Silver Events in Europe to encourage growth and round out a European touring schedule. 

“Having determined that it’s time to set aside Silver Events and shift our focus to developing a qualifying series in the U.S., we recognize that the European market still requires Silver Events to help grow and sustain a balanced Tour,” said DGPT CEO Jeff Spring. “While we expect the European market also to reach a similar point in the future, Silver Events will continue to be a part of DGPT’s growth strategy as they provide additional competition opportunities between standard Tour stops and will allow DGPT Europe to develop more relationships with top-level courses and organizers.”


For the 2024 season, the DGPT will maintain two points standings: 

  • A DGPT World Standings that awards spots in the 2024 DGPT Championship and; 
  • A stand-alone DGPT Europe points standings that will not award points towards the DGPT Championship but will award 2025 Tour Cards and bonus payout to top finishers. 

DGPT Europe’s Silver Events will only earn points towards the stand-alone DGPT Europe points standings and will not count towards the World Standings. However, all DGPT Elite-Series-sanctioned events in Europe will be points-eligible events for both the World Standings and the stand-alone DGPT Europe points standings. 


  • The DGPT World Standings is available at
  • The standalone DGPT Europe points standings will first become available on following the 2024 Belgian Open, and will later become available on as well


Below you can find the 2024 DGPT Europe schedule. For questions on individual event registration schedules, visit the DGPT Europe Disc Golf Scene page

Event Class Name Date Location
Silver Belgian Open May 3. – 5. Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium

(Elite Series)

Copenhagen Open May 10. – 12. Copenhagen, Denmark 
Silver Norway Open May 31. – June 2. Tønsberg, Norway
Silver Heinola Open June 7. – 9. Heinola, Finland
(Elite Series)
Turku Open June 14. – 16. Turku, Finland
Silver Ale Open June 21. – 23. Nol, Sweden
(Elite Series)
Swedish Open June 28. – 30. Boras, Sweden

(Elite Series)

Krokhol Open July 12. – 14. Oslo, Norway
PDGA Pro Major European Open July 18. – 21. Nokia, Finland
(Elite Series)
European Disc Golf Festival July 26. – 28. Tallinn, Estonia
Silver Järva Open x Tyyni* August 2. – 4. Stockholm, Sweden
Silver Baltic Disc Golf Championship August 9. – 11. Vasavere, Estonia


Outside of any who qualify for the DGPT Europe Tour Pass (explained below), all competitors looking to attend a DGPT Europe event will register via ratings-based registration. All qualified U.S.-based competitors, including 2024 Tour Card holders, can register for DGPT Europe Silver events via standard event-by-event registration via the DGPT Europe Disc Golf Scene page. For more information or questions on registration, reach out to


While a full DGPT Europe tour card is not being implemented for 2024, the DGPT has made a tour pass available for European players wishing to compete at multiple European events. 

“The 2024 DGPT Europe tour pass is a lighter version of the standard DGPT Tour Card,” said Mikko Wikman, DGPT Europe’s Operations Manager. “Our focus is ensuring smooth registration for players wanting to play multiple events. The DGPT Europe tour pass will allow European competitors to easily register for all 2024 European DGPT Elite Series and Silver events in one place.” 

“Tour pass holders will also be able to participate in certain ongoing DGPT Europe development projects, submit feedback and talk with DGPT Europe staff, and receive prioritized positioning for press conferences, feature cards, and other media opportunities,” said Juha Kytö, DGPT Europe’s Media Director.” 

Except for those who are pre-qualified (as listed below), DGPT Europe tour pass is not intended for U.S.-based players wishing to compete at multiple events on the European swing. 2024 DGPT Tour Card holders can register for the 2024 DGPT Elite Series in Europe via their Tour Card registration, but not DGPT Europe Silver events. 

The following players are eligible for a pass and have received invites from the DGPT Europe team.

Qualified FPO Players Qualified MPO Players
All players who finished in the top 10 in the 2023 European Pro Tour (EPT) standings. 

  • Anneli Tõugjas-Männiste
  • Heidi Laine
  • Olivia Kindstedt
  • Rachel Turton
  • Kaidi Allsalu
  • Tinja Väisänen
  • Silva Saarinen
  • Jenni Karppinen
  • Sofie Björlycke
  • Teele Toomsalu
All players who finished in the top 30 in the 2023 European Pro Tour (EPT) standings. 

  • Mauri Villmann
  • Mikael Häme
  • Jesse Nieminen
  • Samuel Hänninen
  • Miro Ryhänen
  • Rasmus Saukkoriipi
  • Daniel Davidsson
  • Lauri Lehtinen
  • Teemu Talikainen
  • Niilo Hongisto
  • Rasmus Tuominen
  • Kristian Kuoksa
  • Silver Lätt
  • Ville Ahokas
  • Joonas Aalto
  • Nestori Tuhkanen
  • Onni Arminen
  • Severi Saviniemi
  • Mathias Villota
  • Otto Mäkinen
  • Isaac Robinson
  • Onni Ruusunen
  • Luukas Rokkanen
  • Lauri Hämäläinen
  • Pyry Joutsen
  • Hjalte Jensen
  • Leevi Isotalo
  • Juho Parviainen
  • Emanuel Bengts
  • Taavi Mäkelä
The top 3 competitors in the 2023 PDGA Euro Tour standings (outside of EPT top 10). 

  • Birgit Vider
  • Anniken Kristiansen Steen
  • Marianne Must
The top 10 competitors in the 2023 PDGA Euro Tour standings (outside of EPT top 30). 

  • Paul McBeth
  • Jakub Semerad
  • Elias Luukkonen
  • Niklas Anttila
  • Pekka Hyvönen
  • Scott Stokely
  • Joona Heinänen
  • Bradley Williams
  • Jakub Knapek
  • Eagle McMahon

Several exemptions for the 2024 DGPT Europe tour pass were also granted in early 2024.


All DGPT Europe events sanctioned at the Elite Series level will receive live coverage on the Disc Golf Network. Tournament Central (DGN’s pre-round, half-time, and post-round show) will not be active during these events. To read more about the 2024 Disc Golf Network live coverage plans, check out this announcement. The six DGPT Europe Silver events on the 2024 schedule will not receive live coverage.

All DGPT Europe events, including Silver Events, will receive post-produced coverage of the MPO and FPO lead cards from DGPT Media Partner MDG Media. Coverage will be released next day on YouTube.


Silver Events

To participate in a DGPT Europe Silver Event, all competitors must meet the PDGA player requirements for A-tiers. 

DGPT Elite Series

To participate in a DGPT Elite series, including those in Europe, all competitors must meet the DGPT’s player eligibility requirements. Those requirements, and other DGPT rules, can be found at