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Preserve Championship to Honor the Memory of George Floyd

By Baker Helton

As we restart the Disc Golf Pro Tour season, we are faced with many challenges in a fast-changing world. We at the Pro Tour want to take a moment to reflect on a topic that has great meaning and significance to us; racial equality. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent protests, we affirmed our support of Black Live Matter, peaceful protests, and denounced racism in all its forms. Today, in the approach of an event so close to Minneapolis, we honor and support the continued effort and struggle for equality for all people, and in this case, black Americans.

The Disc Golf Pro Tour dedicates The Preserve Championship to the memory of Geroge Floyd in the spirit of equality for all people. George Floyd’s murder has sparked discussion, debate, protest, and a great cry of outrage at the oppression that still exists in different forms across the world. To better support our values and the change we want to see in society, the DGPT will raise money for the NAACP over the course of the three days of The Preserve Championship. Please consider donating to our goal of $2,500 raised

The world is better when we see what unites us all. It’s better when we recognize that, while differences and divisions exist, there is much more that connects us. Love connects us. In disc golf, the love of being outside connects us. The love of competition connects us. The love of the flight of a disc connects us. That love of the sport should be equally accessible and able to be enjoyed by all. We make space for barriers to be identified, connections to bloom, and differences to be understood when we communicate openly. We’re excited to contribute to that by opening up our platform and hosting our second Diversity in Disc Golf forum today with guests Steve Hill, Juan Garcia, and Zoe Andyke at 5:00 PM Central on DGPT YouTube. We hope you join us. 

Jeff Spring

DGPT CEO & Director