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Strong Divisional Growth leads DGPT to Increase in FPO Field Sizes

By Baker Helton

For Immediate Release: 

Strong Divisional Growth leads DGPT to Increase in FPO Field Sizes

January 14, 2:00 PM EST: Tiered registration for Wave 1 of Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) events opened this past Tuesday (1/11) and with it came a surge of registrations that have nearly filled both the MPO and FPO divisions with players rated 900+ (in the FPO division) and 1000+ (in the MPO division). While MPO divisions have seen registrations fill in the past, this is the first time that the FPO division has filled in Tier 1. In response to this exciting growth, the DGPT has worked with event directors to enact plans to increase the divisional field sizes for the FPO division. 

“We are thrilled that the hard-work and investment that our team, our partners and the stakeholders across the sport have put into the FPO division is paying off. We are seeing the realization of our goals to grow the FPO professional field size,” said CEO & Tour Director, Jeff Spring. “We’ve been working to ensure that the FPO division of the DGPT has equitable payouts, necessary event services and amenities, featured media coverage across all platforms, and little to no waitlists for qualified players to engender this growth. This is a moment of celebration, and a moment to enact our strategic planning to accommodate and continue to cultivate the growth of the women’s game.” 

On Wednesday, January 14, the DGPT expanded FPO Field Sizes in registrations for all Wave 1 events. There are now an average of 15 more spots available across 2022 registrations for the LVC, WACO, Texas States, Jonesboro, and the Dynamic Discs Open in comparison to 2021. Additionally, events with registrations in Wave 2 and Wave 3 have seen their FPO field sizes maximized, with an average of 60 spots now available for the division. This is an average increase of 26 spots per event available to the FPO field in 2022 in comparison to the field sizes that played those same events in 2021. Only three DGPT events saw their FPO fields fill in 2021, and those events were able to get nearly every player off the waitlist and into the competition.

“Part of working towards growth is planning for how to handle it when it arrives. We’re happy to be able to enact our strategic plan to do just that,” said Spring. “Our tournament directors have increased field sizes to accommodate the growth we’re seeing for 2022, but we are also working together towards 2023 planning that will see an increase in venues that can host DGPT events on two distinct competition courses. This will allow for growth in field size for both divisions long term. Last year’s Green Mountain Championship opened 144 spots for the FPO division enacting this strategy. Whether the divisions rotate courses, or there are separate MPO and FPO courses, this strategy allows us to maximize potential division growth for years to come.” 

Another sign of strong growth has been the adoption of the inaugural DGPT Tour Card, designed to provide more benefits to touring pros and to allow for ease of registration. The program filled quickly with qualified players. One of the Tour Card benefits is access to Tour Pass registration, which allows qualified professionals to register before tiered, ratings-based registration begins. The Tour Pass program has been in place since 2017. 

The top 75 MPO and 25 FPO players in the 2021 DGPT standings qualified for the 2022 Tour Card. Additionally, players applied for exemptions, including spots set aside for European competitors. To read more about the DGPT Tour Card, visit

The strong registration for the tour card and use of the tour pass has reduced the depth of spots available in tiered registration, leading to some concern from those hoping to play Disc Golf Pro Tour events in 2022. “We’ve been in communication with some players that hope to play on the Disc Golf Pro Tour but have yet to earn a Tour Card or increase their rating to register in Tier 1 of registration,” said Spring. “These are growing pains that we take very seriously, as we want to clarify pathways to competition on the DGPT as we navigate this growth.”

DGPT events will see the addition of more qualification opportunities over the 2022 season, with some events designating regional qualifying events as well as one-round qualifiers during the week of the event. “The increase of qualifying pathways, as well as the development of the Silver Series, will serve to provide outlets for increased player demand. We envision a future that allows players to earn their Tour Card via a qualifying tour, which could provide good opportunities for aspiring DGPT professionals in and of itself,” said Spring.

The DGPT will also launch a DGPT Competition News & Information Forum, via a Facebook group, to help communicate more thoroughly with players that have yet to participate on the DGPT full time. Madison Walker, DGPT Sustainability & Special Initiatives Coordinator, helps to lead planning and discussions on women’s topics for the tour. “We understand how much the dream of touring means to aspiring full-time professional disc golfers.” said Walker. “We want to cultivate those ambitions and connections with increased methods of communication with all players that are either part-time professionals or newer professionals that aspire to be on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. We want them to be in the loop on everything from qualifiers to registration updates and other relevant information.”

The 2022 DGPT registration schedule continues with Tier 2 of Wave 1 registration opening next Tuesday, January 18. 


Wave 1 

  • Waco Annual Charity Open
  • The Open at Belton (Silver Series)
  • Texas State Disc Golf Championship
  • Music City Open (Silver Series)
  • Open at Tallahassee (Silver Series)
  • Jonesboro Open
  • Dynamic Discs Open 

Tier 1 Registration (1000+ MPO/900+ FPO): January 11

Tier 2 Registration (970+ MPO/870+ FPO): January 18

Tier 3 Registration (935+ MPO/835+ FPO): January 25

Tier 4 Registration (900+ MPO/Open FPO): February 1 


Wave 2

  • Master’s Cup
  • OTB Open 
  • Portland Open
  • Beaver State Fling (Silver Series)
  • The Preserve 
  • Idlewild Open 
  • PCS Sula (Silver Series)

Tier 1 Registration (1000+ MPO/900+ FPO): February 7

Tier 2 Registration (970+ MPO/870+ FPO): February 14

Tier 3 Registration (935+ MPO/835+ FPO): February 21

Tier 4 Registration (900+ MPO/Open FPO): February 28


Wave 3

  • Discraft Great Lakes Open
  • Mid American Open (Silver Series)
  • Ledgestone Insurance Open 
  • Des Moines Challenge 
  • Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open (Silver Series)       


Tier 1 Registration (1000+ MPO/900+ FPO): March 7

Tier 2 Registration (970+ MPO/870+ FPO): March 21

Tier 3 Registration (935+ MPO/835+ FPO): May 2

Tier 4 Registration (900+ MPO/Open FPO): June 1     


For media inquiries, please contact DGPT Marketing & Communications Manager, Baker Helton at