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Statement on Transgender Athletes & Community Guidelines

By Charles McCracken

Issued on 4.21.2022

Statement on Transgender Athletes & Community Guidelines

Inclusivity and Disc Golf Pro Tour

The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) recognizes the validity of the transgender experience. The DGPT is in support of the decisions made by any members of the disc golf community to live their life in the most authentic way possible and celebrates the courage necessary to make these decisions. This includes decisions to undergo gender-affirming therapies or surgeries. Transgender disc golfers are valued members of our community. 

Transgender Athletes & Competition
The DGPT follows and enforces all PDGA rules and competition guidelines, including the PDGA Policy on Eligibility for Gender-Restricted Divisions. The PDGA currently follows the last version of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) standards for determination of eligibility for gender-restricted divisions. As long as an athlete is in compliance with the PDGA policy on eligibility, they are considered to be eligible for competition at a DGPT event. All athletes who are in compliance with PDGA rules and policies will be treated equally at DGPT events.

Policy Development

Due to recent publication of updates to the IOC policy which altered the criteria framework for gender-based eligibility at the Olympic level, the PDGA Medical Committee has created a sub-committee to review the existing policy and make determinations as to any future changes to said policy. As the sub-committee is currently engaged in this process, the previous standards concerning testosterone level requirements for eligibility are still in place as they were in the last version of the policy. 

Community Guidelines

The DGPT community is encouraged to actively engage in healthy debate in DGPT social spaces on a variety of topics. However, the DGPT does not condone any hate speech or sanction any language that demeans, disrespects, or inappropriately addresses other people. On all DGPT social media channels, on the DGPT YouTube channel, on the Disc Golf Network, and in person at our events, the following community standards are in place. 

Individuals may be restricted or removed from social spaces, have their comments deleted, or can be otherwise acted upon if they engage in any of the following behavior: 

  • Purposely misgender any person (player, commentator, organizer, etc) or suggest that their gender identity is not valid. Calling a trans woman a man, or calling a trans man a woman is a violation of this standard. 
  • Engage in any hate speech. Hate speech is defined as public speech that expresses hate or encourages violence towards a person or group
  • Make hurtful jokes or comments regarding a person’s gender identity.

If a comment is deleted, it is because it is not compliant with our guidelines. The deletion of comments should be taken by the author as a warning. More than one instance of non-compliance can result in having commenting privileges revoked

Additionally, the Disc Golf Pro Tour has security teams at all events. People who violate these community standards on site will also be warned or removed from the event grounds.


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