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Resistance Discs Open to Be Phase Two Event


Jeffersonville, VT – June 1, 2021: The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) has determined that the Resistance Discs Open will be operating under Phase Two of the COVID-19 Requirements & Best Practices for PDGA Elite Series policy. 

For the Resistance Discs Open, the DGPT has laid out clear guidelines for event spectating requirements during Phase Two events. All spectators will be accompanied by staff and/or volunteers and will only be allowed to access pre-determined spectator areas or move around the course in guided groups. All spectators must purchase tickets before arriving on site, and follow the guidelines laid out for each event, which will be communicated upon purchase. Event ticket sales are available through the Disc Golf Pro Tour website

Phase designations are determined as a collaborative decision between the DGPT (and PDGA during National Tour events) and the local organizing committees or event teams based on the state of the pandemic nationally, regionally, locally and the subsequent policies in place. The DGPT is committed to providing a responsible and comfortable event experience for all staff, media, volunteers, competitors and spectators at all DGPT events.