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DGPT Announces Staffing Update & Reorganization

By Charles McCracken

For Immediate Release: 

DGPT Announces Staffing Update & Reorganization

November 14th, 2022: After its first year as the official pro tour of the PDGA, the DGPT team is the largest it has ever been. With over 40 full-time employees and a wide network of contractors and freelancers, the DGPT is poised to tackle the largest-ever season, starting with February’s All-Star Weekend. 

While planning for the 2023 season, the DGPT is making internal staffing changes as well as adding key new hires during the off-season. It is with words of great appreciation that the DGPT announces that Seth Fendley, DGPT VP of Finance and Administration, is departing the DGPT for a new opportunity with a long-time partner, Latitude 64. 

“Seth was the first employee hired after our new management and ownership team took over the Disc Golf Pro Tour in 2019. He has served as an invaluable resource for the Tour since 2017, through our transition, and throughout the growth of our company,” said Jeff Spring, DGPT CEO. “His contributions will be missed by our team and I will miss him greatly, personally. We all wish the best for Seth in his next pursuit, and are heartened to know that we will continue working together in the industry, and at DGPT events, in the future.”

Seth Fendley had the following to say about his departure, “Working for the Disc Golf Pro Tour was really a dream come true. Starting as the first employee of the Tour in 2017 and then being retained as the first employee under new ownership in 2019 has been fundamental to my career. Early on, someone reminded me that I work for the Pro Tour with an emphasis on Pro. I have spent my entire time with the Tour trying to bring that to life. It is bittersweet to be leaving, however, I am excited for my new role within the sport and I look forward to working closely with the DGPT for years to come.”

As part of this transition along with addressing the organization’s continuing growth, the DGPT has made several key internal transitions and added two completely new administrative staff positions to best prepare the company for long-term success. 

Baker Helton, formerly the DGPT Marketing Director, has assumed the role of VP of Business Administration. Helton will oversee the day-to-day administration of the DGPT and of several company departments. Additionally, the Tour has recently added Kelly Nelson, a long-time HR professional, to its full-time staff and is currently in the process of hiring a Controller & Director of Finance to round out a fully equipped administrative team. 

In addition to the expansion and development of the administrative department, the Tour is happy to announce several other promotions and new hires made in the latter half of the 2022 season. 

Phill Diloné, who came on board earlier this season as an Operations Manager, has been promoted to Assistant Tour Director. Diloné will lead on-the-ground event operations at DGPT events, while Brian Cole, DGPT Operations & Logistics Director, will continue to serve in an updated administrative and planning role. Tiffany Munsey has also joined the DGPT operations staff to assist in the further development of spectator and player experiences. 

Zac Kuykendall, who joined the Tour in 2021 and previously held the role of Social Media Director, has been promoted to Marketing Director. Kuykendall will hand the social media reins to Courtney Weekley, who joined the Tour at the start of the 2022 season and will be the Tour’s new Social Media Manager. Michael May has also joined the team as a Social Media and Digital Marketing Coordinator. 

“Our team continues to expand and professionalize, and more off-season changes will be announced in the near future. The contributions of those we brought on and promoted throughout the 2022 season were tremendous,” said Spring. “Elevating Phill to the role of Assistant Tour Director has allowed me to ease away from being on-site for every event as I continue to push our business forward in new ways as CEO. I’ll be at many events in 2023, but when I’m off-site, look for Phill.”

The Tour will be hiring several positions across its departments this winter. A full list of 2023 job postings will be published in the coming weeks. These off-season hires, as well as any future job opportunities, can be found on the DGPT job board. Anyone interested in working for the DGPT is encouraged to apply for the positions listed or to submit a general interest application. 


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