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Statement on 2024 Music City Open Security Suspension

By Charles McCracken

For Immediate Release: 

Statement on 2024 Music City Open Security Suspension

April 20, 2024: Earlier this morning, the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) temporarily suspended competition and spectating at the 2024 Music City Open due to a threat of potential violence against a competitor at this weekend’s tournament. 

The type of threat was unspecified and made no specific mention of harm to any other person but rose to the level at which tour staff began initiating safety protocols. Metro police were immediately contacted and responded to the scene to assess the situation. The player in question was also notified, as were their cardmates.

Based on preliminary guidance from Metro police and in the interest of safety for players, staff, volunteers, spectators, and vendors, the DGPT suspended the competition and removed all individuals from the area while the situation was assessed. 

After assessing the situation with Metro police and local tournament staff, additional security measures were deployed on-site, and play resumed at 11:00 AM CT.

“Threats of violence at DGPT events are utterly unacceptable and are treated with the utmost seriousness by our entire staff,” said Jeff Spring, DGPT CEO and Tour Director. “We have deployed additional security resources to enhance the safety measures in place for all individuals on-site. Those measures will be in place for the remainder of the weekend.”

“I want to thank local law enforcement and the local tournament staff for their prompt and professional response,” continued Spring. “Furthermore, I want to assure players, spectators, partners, and fans that we are continuing to practice vigilance. We are in continued communication with both the Metro and Nashville police departments, who continue to investigate the situation, and we will continue to coordinate and cooperate with both entities in full.”


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