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COVID-19 Updates: LVC Designated Phase 1 Event

By Baker Helton

The Disc Golf Pro Tour  and the LVC Staff have finalized that the 2021 Las Vegas Challenge presented by Innova will be in Phase 1 of the DGPT COVID-19 Policies & Best Practices policy.

Additionally, the DGPT can confirm that the Waco Annual Charity Open and The Open at Belton are confirmed and will proceed into the final stages of planning. The phase designation of each of the events will be set two weeks prior to each event, respectively.

Regarding LVC, Phase 1 details, read the Phase 1 Policies & Best Practices Overview that will be in effect below:

COVID-19 Phase 1 Policy & Best Practices Overview

Las Vegas Challenge, February 25-28, 2021, Wildhorse Golf Club, Hendersonville, NV

The following provides an overview of the Policies & Best Practices in place for the Las Vegas Challenge at the Wildhorse Golf Club. This event will be operating in Phase 1 of the COVID-19 Requirements & Best Practices for PDGA Elite Series. This overview document provides important highlights of the full policy for quicker reference. For all DGPT COVID-19 Policy information, please visit the DGPT COVID Overview Webpage.

Nevada State COVID-19 Policy

The DGPT, and all of its associated events, follow all PDGA, state, and local COVID-19 policies and guidance. Regarding the Las Vegas Challenge, the State of Nevada has approved the Disc Golf Pro Tour’s application to operate the event in accordance with their state policies and the DGPT Elite Series COVID-19 Policy & Best Practice Document. 

The LVC and the DGPT have decided that this event will be in Phase 1 of the DGPT COVID-19 Policy, which means no spectators or caddies. This will allow the event to stay in compliance with state policy. To read about the current Nevada COVID-19 Guidelines and Information, please visit the links below:

COVID-19 Policies & Best Practices Phase 1 Overview for the LVC:

  • Event Site Entry & Protocols
    • All persons (Competitors, Staff, Volunteers, Media) coming into the event site must complete the DGPT COVID-19 Compliance Quiz to ensure understanding and commit to following all event site policies regarding COVID-19. 
    • Event Site Protocols will start on Monday, February 22, once the official event site is established, and run through the final day of the event, Sunday, February 28. 
    • Event Protocols are in place for all persons entering the event site and consist of the following:
      • All persons are asked to limit arrival time to no sooner than 1 hour before their tee time or the start of their shift (staff/volunteer/media). All staff and media may ensure they have enough time to prepare on-site. 
      • All persons will be stopped and asked to present their event ID badge (or provide ID and pick up their event badge). 
      • All persons must speak to the entry site staff and show no visible symptoms of respiratory illness (coughing or visibly ill). Per the State of Nevada, all persons must pass a temperature check screening in order to enter the event site. 
      • All persons must affirm that they have not had any symptoms of respiratory illness and that they have not been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms for the past ten days.
      • All persons are asked to depart the event site no later than 30 minutes after their round/shift. 
        • If persons wish to remain on-site longer, they must request specific permission to spectate post-round/shift.
  • Testing & Tracing Program Active
    • Full Policy provided to Competitors, Staff, Volunteers, and Media.
    • Testing is required for any persons entering event sites with signs, symptoms, or recent contact (past ten days) with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
    • Contact tracing program implemented and managed by the DGPT for touring persons.
    • Any needed COVID-19 testing is provided for free for all event persons.
  • Social Distance 
    • Social Distancing of 2 meters will be enforced.
    • This includes no physical touching of any other person, their equipment, or their personal items.
    • PDGA Rule, Courtesy 812, in effect, and the following additional language will be added and applied in Phase 1 & 2 of DGPT events:
      • “Players must not violate the social distancing policy of 2 meters without a mask on”
  • No Caddies
    • Only competitors, media, and necessary staff and volunteers will be allowed within 50 ft of tees and greens
  • One Travel/Support Staff Allowed per Competitor
    • Every competitor will be allowed to bring one travel/support staff with them to the event site if necessary. 
    • All travel/support staff will be required to be registered no later than Friday, February 19. 
    • No travel/support staff will be allowed on site without prior approval.
    • All travel/support staff must follow all event site COVID-19 protocol.
  • Face Covering Policy (Phase 1 & 2)
    • All of the following guidance applies to all persons while in the event site:
    • All persons must carry an approved face covering at all times.
    • All persons must wear a face covering when indoors.
    • When outside and able to social distance, a face covering will be strongly recommended but not required (except within 50 ft of a teeing area, see below).
      • Teeing Area: All persons, including competitors, must wear face-covering when within 50 feet of a teeing area. 
      • When it is a competitor’s turn to throw, they are permitted to remove their face covering when throwing.  
    • In designated areas, such as pinch points, warm-up areas, and all indoor spaces, all persons must wear a mask regardless of social distancing.
    • When outside and where social distancing of 2 meters is not possible, all persons must wear a face covering. 
    • All on-course staff and volunteers must wear face coverings whenever engaged in close distance communication with players inside of 10 meters.
  • Spectators Prohibited
    • Please note: If event staff, volunteers, media, or competitors wish to remain on-site past their shift to spectate, they may request approval to do so. All persons staying on-site to spectate must check in at Tourney Central, follow provided guidance and stay away from tees and greens and stick to designated areas to view the competition.

Best Practices

  • Practice good hygiene
  • Use hand sanitizer (Hand sanitizer provided on most tees & player packs)
  • Disinfect surfaces (Disinfectant spray bottles provided throughout the facility)
  • Wash your hands before and after your round
  • Wear a face covering at all times