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Disc Golf Pro Continues Partnership with Disc Golf Strong

By Baker Helton

Disc Golf Pro Continues Partnership with Disc Golf Strong

Jeffersonville, VT – January 22, 2020: The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) and Disc Golf Strong are pleased to announce that their partnership will continue for the 2021 season. Disc Golf Strong’s Seth Munsey will provide an Athletic Performance Zone for all DGPT Elite Series events and serve as a First Responder for the DGPT.

The partnership will build on the strong foundation that Disc Golf Strong and the DGPT have developed in previous seasons. Each Elite Series event will have the Athletic Performance Zone led by Seth Munsey. Disc Golf Strong will provide resources to athletes, including on-site coaching, training equipment, pre-round warm-up, and post-round recovery.

In addition to the Athletic Performance Zone, Munsey, a certified Open Wilderness First Responder, will serve as a First Responder for the DGPT at the Elite Series events. These resources have been added to support the touring professional disc golfers and elevate the safety precautions at DGPT events.

Tour Director, Jeff Spring, spoke to the benefit of having Disc Golf Strong at the Tour stops.

“Seth and Disc Golf Strong have been dedicated to elevating how disc golfers approach, prepare, and train for professional events for years. The DGPT is not only thrilled to have Disc Golf Strong at each event, but to provide a valuable resource to our touring professional disc golfers to supplement their ability to stay prepared and fit for the dynamic athletic performances fans can take for granted week in and week out during the season.”

The 2021 season of the Disc Golf Pro Tour begins February 25 with the Las Vegas Challenge.


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