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DGPT Announces 2023 Points System

By Charles McCracken

For Immediate Release: 

DGPT Announces 2023 Points System

October 20th, 2022: The 2022 Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) season has come to an end. Thanks to a wonderful set of event teams and an ever-expanding group of fantastic partners, the DGPT awarded points at a record-breaking twenty-two events in its first year as the Official Pro Tour of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA)

The 2022 season, as in previous years, was centered on the tour points system by which players qualified for the DGPT Championship presented by Barabasol. The DGPT Championship took place last weekend and crowned Kristin Tattar & Ricky Wysocki as Tour Champions! Tattar and Wysocki were also the 2022 points champions. 

For 2023, DGPT Championship qualification will also be based on tour points. Players will earn 2023 tour points based on the following scale. 

2023 DGPT Points Scale

*SILVER EVENTS: while more Silver Events will be added to the 2023 season schedule, the total number of events that will count towards any individual player’s points total will remain the same.

**PLAYOFFS: The DGPT Championship is the final playoff event, but doesn’t award points.

***PDGA PRO MAJORS: While there are four PDGA Pro Majors on the schedule in 2023 for both MPO and FPO, any events that take place after the final DGPT playoff event (MVP Open at Maple Hill), will not award DGPT points. This was also the case for the 2022 season. Thus, in 2023, the USDGC & USWDGC will not award DGPT points. Players will take their best two finishes out of three opportunities: the PDGA Champions Cup, the European Open, and the PDGA Pro World Championship.

The 2023 points system was developed with growth and sustainability in mind. A total of 15 events will count (3 Silver, 8 Elite/Elite+, 2 PDGA Majors, and 2 Playoffs) with a perfect point total of 1650 points available as the maximum points potential for any one player. 

“As the Tour continues to expand, our points system will evolve based on the goal of ensuring that players are able to choose which events to attend while not being penalized for prioritizing their rest and health,” said Jeff Spring, DGPT CEO and Tour Director. The 2023 schedule offers plenty of opportunities to earn points towards our crowning event, the DGPT Championship, while still giving players opportunities to select an event schedule that maximizes their performance. We’re thankful to the Tour Card holders and the newly formed DGPT Player’s Council for their feedback as we developed the points scale for next season and beyond.”

This points scale will go into effect beginning at the Lake Marshall Open at the end of October, the first of two events that make up the wrap-around season and earn points towards the 2023 DGPT Championship. 


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