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DGPT Adds Madison Walker as Environmental and Special Initiatives Coordinator

By Baker Helton

For Immediate Release:

DGPT Adds Madison Walker as Environmental and Special Initiatives Coordinator

Jeffersonville, VT – April 1, 2021: The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) is excited to announce that Madison Walker will be joining its staff as Environmental and Special Initiatives Coordinator. As the Environmental and Special Initiatives Coordinator, Madison will lead the DGPT’s charge in environmental sustainability and community involvement while prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Madison spent her childhood on the beaches of Pensacola, Florida, inspiring a career in marine biology with the intention of becoming a research biologist and university professor. The month she graduated, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill devastated the Gulf of Mexico, and Madison felt obligated to put her education on hold and return home to work as an on-site biologist with the emergency spill response. She soon caught the disc golf bug and has spent the last five years as a full-time tour professional disc golfer. 

In her new role, Walker’s passions for disc golf, science, and sustainability will intersect.

 “In college, if you had told me I would spend six of the next ten years of my life as a professional disc golfer, I would have turned heel so fast you’d barely miss getting smacked by a backpack full of textbooks. Now fast forward to the beginning of 2020, my sixth year on tour, and it’s the same scenario. If you had told me last year I would be working as an environmental coordinator on the DGPT team in 2021, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s unreal to watch everything you care about come together in a way that feels like it was made for you. I’m so excited to get to work,” Walker said.

To begin, Madison will focus on implementing the DGPT’s Environmental Best Management Practices with DGPT Event Directors, which will include waste management, reduction of single-use plastics, use of sustainable materials, course and venue beautification, and awareness of event impacts. These initiatives will roll out over time and eventually become part of every DGPT event. 

As the Disc Golf Pro Tour grows, it’s a priority for the Tour to stay rooted in its organizational core values. “Environmental sustainability is a value that we see reflected in disc golf communities in every state we visit. Investing in programs and people that can help us support those values is key, and we’re thrilled to have Madison leading the way on development,” said DGPT CEO and Tour Director Jeff Spring.

The DGPT looks forward to the development of these programs throughout the season and will provide updates as the implementation of special initiatives continue.

Madison Walker Recycles at a Course