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Disc Golf Network 2.0 Launches with InSys Video Technologies Powered by AWS

By Charles McCracken

For Immediate Release: 

Disc Golf Network 2.0 Launches with Insys Video Technologies Powered by AWS

December 6, 2023: The Disc Golf Network (DGN) is pleased to announce a major update to its core service with the migration of its content and customers away from its previous platform provider to a newly built platform hosted by Insys Video Technologies (Insys VT) – an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Tier Services Partner. All DGN content is now available for viewing on a refreshed web app ( as well as on multiple supported mobile and smartTV applications.

Insys VT has built and maintained custom platforms for clients across the sports, film, television, and government sectors, some of which have up to two million subscribers. Notably, Insys VT has developed streaming services for S.L. Benfica (Benfica Play), Deutscher Fußball-Bund (DFB Play), Olympique Lyonnais (OLPLAY), and NC+ (Canal+ Sport Online). 

The updated Disc Golf Network platform relies on AWS Media Services for video transcoding, packaging, and recording, plus Amazon CloudFront CDN (Content Delivery Network) for distribution. The core infrastructure is powered by AWS, the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, which is used by many major sports organizations and broadcasters. Thanks to Insys VT’s use of AWS, Disc Golf Network will now make use of some of the same tools used by the NFL, PGA Tour, Formula 1, Bundesliga, the Olympics (NBCUniversal), and the Super Bowl (NBCUniversal) to broadcast live events and ensure stable digital infrastructure. 

“We’re thankful for our partnerships with the providers who have supported DGN’s growth during our first four seasons,” said Jeff Spring, DGN & DGPT CEO. “Looking to the 2024 season and beyond, we’re thrilled to take our next big step forward by collaborating with Insys VT and AWS to bring a refreshed look and feel to the Disc Golf Network platform and begin developing new and improved features for subscribers.

 As the Disc Golf Network enters its fifth year of service, we’ve recognized the need to evolve our platform to better serve an ever-growing disc golf audience. Collaborating with Insys VT and AWS represents a proactive step towards addressing subscriber needs, particularly in maintaining streaming quality while managing large influxes of live viewers and ensuring the stability of platform performance over time. We’re enthusiastic about the potential this change holds for future developments and immediate improvements to the platform, and we can’t wait for the start of the 2024 season.” 

“This was a demanding project for us due to the time restrictions, but thanks to our highly configurable whitelabel framework and fully cloud-based deployment we were able to meet the challenging migration requirements,” said Krzysztof Bartkowski, Insys Video Technologies CEO. “I’m confident that the new AWS Media Services-based workflow in combination with our Cloud DRM content protection will provide a stable, highly scalable, and secure content distribution meeting the demands of disc golf fans worldwide.”

 What’s New?

The newly designed platform features many organizational changes and updates to the look and feel of Disc Golf Network. Content is now more easily navigable thanks to additional menu options, content groups that appear as sliders, and a new bookmarks function. Additionally, the new platform will allow subscribers to pause and rewind live broadcasts (live DVR functionality) and will process live broadcasts for instant reply (VOD) access almost instantaneously after each round has ended, meaning that subscribers won’t have to wait to rewatch a live broadcast once it’s over. 

Finally, the new platform features an upgraded system allowing PDGA members to access the subscription at their discounted rate by simply linking their PDGA and DGN accounts instead of generating a discount code every 12 months. PDGA members will now automatically get their discount as long as their PDGA membership is current and connected to their DGN account. 

What’s to Come?

Since Insys Video Technologies has built a custom platform for the Disc Golf Network and is not using an out-of-the-box solution, the DGN team will have much more influence over development priorities and timelines than in the past. 

For now, the focus is on ensuring that the migration is smooth and that all base functionalities are ready for the 2024 season. Once the core migration is completed, the Disc Golf Network is excited to prioritize the development of several key functionalities, including a new fully interactive native schedule page, which continues to be a top feature request. 

Moreover, DGN is thrilled to announce a significant enhancement in live-streaming capabilities. While the deployment date is pending, DGN will be upgrading its streaming quality from 30 frames per second (FPS) to 60 FPS for supported devices. This upgrade to 60FPS will provide a smoother, more fluid viewing experience, bringing viewers closer to the action by better capturing the speed and motion of the game. While the DGPT and DGN continue to navigate complex infrastructure requirements, the shift to this new platform is a crucial step forward. Investing in the upgrade from 30-60 FPS aligns with the Network’s ongoing efforts to improve picture quality, reinforced by major investments in industry-leading broadcast equipment, which included the testing and use of a new CBRS system over the course of the 2023 season. 

A complete 2023 live media plan will be announced prior to the start of the season, alongside any additional updates related to new functionalities. 

Resources For Subscribers

Depending on how you choose to watch Disc Golf Network, you may need to download a new app, update the app, or log back in. Usernames and passwords will stay the same, along with your payment method. Subscribers can explore a complete guide to navigating the new website and currently available apps here. Customer support documentation and a “contact us” form can be found here

About the Disc Golf Network

The Disc Golf Network (DGN) is the media arm of the Disc Golf Pro Tour. DGN is the home of live disc golf coverage & a collaborative space for disc golf storytelling across the industry. The Disc Golf Pro Tour is the official Pro Tour of the PDGA – the sport’s governing body. The DGPT’s mission is to create disc golf’s grandest stages at premier venues for the world’s best disc golfers in order to transmit the story of professional disc golf as an engaging, high-quality experience that inspires and grows fans of the sport on-site and online.

About Insys Video Technologies

Insys Video Technologies has been delivering white-label OTT solutions to help businesses grow their online presence since 2006. The company creates end-to-end streaming solutions and tools for content security and video processing. As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, Insys VT keeps its products cloud-native, ensuring virtually endless scalability and quick time-to-market with the highest level of customer support.

With over 100 deployments for media and entertainment companies, sports clubs, government and cultural institutions, and telecom operators, Insys Video Technologies has established its position as one of the worldwide OTT solutions experts. For more information, please visit


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