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COVID-19 Updates at The Dynamic Discs Open

By Charles McCracken

Update – April 30th, 2022. 2:00 PM CT: As of 1:45 PM, all testing and contact tracing is currently complete. Over 50 players at the Dynamic Discs Open have been tested for COVID-19 and all but one are negative. These players were tested based on the DGPT contact tracing protocols and only one additional positive test result was identified. Matthew Orum, who was slated to play on the chase card for round three, has tested positive, reinforced by a second positive test. In accordance with the 2022 DGPT COVID-19 policy, he has removed himself from the event. Contact tracing has been completed for all positive test results, including testing for all individuals who had close contact with Matty. 

Matty O. is feeling fine and is sad that he cannot continue to compete this weekend. He is excited to play in his next scheduled event, providing that he meets the requirements for participation after a positive test result. 

“Just want to let everyone know that I tested positive for COVID-19 this morning.” Said Matty O. “Heartbreaking, especially because of the unexpected news. Just want to let everyone know that I’m feeling fine and will now be taking safe actions for my health and that of all in the event. I’ll be back! See everyone on the #westside!”

Of the three players identified earlier as having positive test results, the DGPT can now confirm that Colten Montgomery and Tristan Tanner are positive and experiencing symptoms. Kona Panis has also removed herself from the event out of an abundance of caution.

Hot KoCo is staying hydrated and will be watching the action on DGN as Colten has tested positive for Covid and even though I have tested negative, I did not want to put my card mates at risk.” Said Panis. “Looking to rest up and come back to our next event strong.”

Rounds three and four at the Dynamic Discs Open will continue as planned. The DGPT will continue to monitor the situation and re-engage all necessary protocols, including contact tracing, if other players experience symptoms and/or test positive.



For Immediate Release: 

COVID-19 Updates at The Dynamic Discs Open

Saturday, April 30, 2022: On the evening of Friday, April 29, the Disc Golf Pro Tour was made aware of two competitors in the Dynamic Discs Open who had tested positive for COVID-19. They have been removed from the event, and are currently experiencing mild to negligible symptoms. 

Per our COVID-19 Policy, the DGPT identifies and notifies close contacts of all players who test positive through contact tracing. All those who have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 are required to provide a negative test result before competing, working, or volunteering at an event. This includes those who competed with the positive players in the competition thus far. 

Through the contact tracing process, we have identified one more competitor who has tested positive this morning. We have enacted the same contract tracing process and have notified all close contacts of this competitor. 

All competitors, staff, media, and volunteers have been notified regarding these developments and all close contacts of the competitors who tested positive have been made aware. We are executing the required testing for those close contacts before they are allowed on the event site. The Disc Golf Pro Tour has COVID-19 tests available and is providing free testing in compliance with our COVID-19 policy

Round 3 of the Dynamic Discs Open will continue at this time. We will provide any further updates as necessary as we continue contact tracing and testing. 


For media inquiries, please contact DGPT Communications Manager, Charles McCracken at