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DGPT Issues Statement on Updated Community Guidelines & Enforcement Policy

By Charles McCracken

For Immediate Release: 

DGPT Issues Statement on Updated Community Guidelines & Enforcement Policy

May 25th, 2022: The Disc Golf Pro Tour has updated its community guidelines & enforcement policy that is in effect across all DGPT social spaces which include but are not limited to: all DGPT social media channels, the DGPT YouTube channel, the Disc Golf Network, and in person at any DGPT event. The policy update was made in an effort to ensure that community guidelines are enforceable across multiple platforms and was spurred on by an influx of hateful comments regarding transgender women playing in the FPO division. Jeff Spring, DGPT CEO, and Tour Director remarked on the issue: 

“The Disc Golf Pro Tour understands that there are a myriad of opinions across the professional disc golf fanbase regarding transgender athletes engaging in competition. What I want to stress first and foremost is that this topic is a human one. Whether these debates and opinions are focusing on transgender athletes or cisgender athletes, we are all human beings. 

Whether folks agree or disagree with the current PDGA policy on transgender competition, any comments that are hateful, bullying, or incite potential violence against any DGPT athletes will simply not be tolerated. There is plenty of room to have an opinion in contradiction with the PDGA policy on transgender competition and to also show respect and understanding for the human beings involved with the topic. I implore the members of the disc golf community that feel compelled to speak their minds on this topic to consider this and to find more appropriate rhetoric or spaces to share their thoughts if necessary.

As we recognize that legitimate and respectful debate on this topic does exist, we ask all those who would like to express their feedback regarding the policy to reach out to the PDGA medical committee, as they have created a sub-committee to specifically review this policy. We also welcome feedback directly to the Disc Golf Pro Tour via email to

Until we, as the DGPT, can ensure that our social and live stream spaces can reflect these sentiments, we will turn off commenting when and where appropriate. While we’ve dedicated significant resources to moderating these spaces, the volume of comments in violation of our stated community guidelines has warranted a reassessment of our moderation planning and community education on the guidelines that are in place.”

The community guidelines and enforcement policy can be found on the DGPT website. One excerpt is highlighted below. 

Individuals may be restricted or removed from social spaces, have their comments deleted, or can be otherwise acted upon if they engage in any of the following behavior: 

  • Purposely and maliciously misgender any person (player, commentator, organizer, etc) or suggest that their gender identity is not valid. Calling a trans woman a man, or calling a trans man a woman is a violation of this standard. 
  • Engage in any hate speech. Hate speech is defined as public speech that expresses hate or encourages violence towards a person or group. 
  • Make hurtful jokes or comments regarding a person’s gender identity.


For media inquiries, please contact DGPT Communications Manager, Charles McCracken at