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DGPT Announces 2024 Event Registration Schedule

By Charles McCracken

For Immediate Release: 

DGPT Announces 2024 Event Registration Schedule

Initial 2025 Tour Card Qualification Details Now Published

January 12, 2024: The DGPT is pleased to announce its 2024 event registration schedule. Once the designated Tour Card registration period ends, the DGPT will initiate a standard registration process for all events based on PDGA player rating tiers.

2024 Ratings-Based Registration Tiers

Tier MPO Rating Requirement FPO Rating Requirement
1 1010 and up 930 and up
2 990 and up 900 and up
3 970 and up 870 and up
4 935 and up 825 and up

These tiers will be in place for all DGPT events sanctioned at the Elite Series level by the PDGA. DGPT Europe’s Silver Events will follow an adjusted tier system (more info available on 

In addition to standard ratings-based registration, competitors can also gain access to individual events via both week of and regional qualifying events or seek a sponsor exemption. Full registration schedules and additional information on qualifying events and sponsor exemptions is available on the Tour’s website

Initial 2025 Tour Card Qualification Information Now Available 

The initial details for qualifying for the 2025 Tour Card are now available. Additional methods may be added at a future date. Current qualification methods include:

  1. 2024 DGPT World Standings: Tour Cards will be awarded based on the DGPT points standings, now referred to as the DGPT World Standings.
  2. 2024 DGPT Europe Points: Top performers in the stand-alone 2024 DGPT Europe points series will also receive 2025 Tour Cards.
  3. Individual Event Performance: As done in the past, top performers at individual 2024 events will be awarded 2025 Tour Cards.
  4. Limited Exemptions: A select number of exemptions will be granted at the end of the 2024 season. Applications will open at the end of the season. 
  5. 2024 DGPT Qualifying Series (Q-series): This new event series (separate from the regular Tour) will offer 2025 Tour Cards to top performers. The Q series schedule and further details on how many participants will earn Tour Cards will be released prior to the start of the season. 

For more information on the registration process and 2025 Tour Card qualification, visit Competitors interested in registering for upcoming events should monitor this page for updates. Individual event registration links will be added as they become available to players without a 2024 Tour Card. 


For media inquiries, please contact DGPT Communications Director Charles McCracken at