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2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship to be broadcast on ESPN2

By Baker Helton

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE // October 6, 2020 // Charlotte, NC

The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) is pleased to announce the production of a 2-hour program on the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship to air on ESPN2 Network this November. The broadcast date and time is anticipated to be announced in early November. The program will be produced by the Disc Golf Network, JomezPro, and Bluefoot Entertainment. 

The Disc Golf Pro Tour is a PDGA Elite Series comprising the largest events, biggest purses, and best fields of competitors in the sport of disc golf. The DGPT was able to host a complete season of 10 events in 2020, which culminate in the Tour Championship which will take place October 15-18 in Charlotte, North Carolina at the infamous Hornet’s Nest Disc Golf Course. 

The ESPN2 program will feature post-production coverage of both the Men’s and Women’s Finals while telling the story of the sport of disc golf, the 2020 season, and profiling players who are competing in the Finals. The event is poised to deliver one of the biggest payouts in disc golf history, guaranteeing a minimum of $15,000 for both the Men’s and Women’s Champions. “We’re proud to offer what will be the largest first-place prizes in the history of the sport,” said DGPT CEO & Director Jeff Spring, “and doing so in an equitable manner for both divisions was a priority. We believe in Women’s disc golf and will continue to show that through our actions.”

The DGPT’s standard media plan will not be affected by the addition of the program being produced for ESPN2. Live coverage of the entire event will air on Disc Golf Network and JomezPro, GK Pro, and Gatekeeper media will be delivering next day post-production coverage via their YouTube channels. 

The DGPT is proud to bring JomezPro on board to help shoot and deliver the majority of the production for the ESPN2 show. “We were so impressed with the work of JomezPro on the Dynamic Discs Open for CBS Sports. We work together so well so it was an easy decision to bring them on board to lead the production for the Tour Championship,” said Jeff Spring, Disc Golf Pro Tour CEO & Director. 

Bluefoot Entertainment has worked with the DGPT this season, producing vignettes for the live show. They join the team to help with the editing and delivery of the ESPN2 show. Both Gatekeeper and GK Pro are expected to contribute to the production.

While the DGPT is excited to bring disc golf content to ESPN2, the production is seen as a bonus more than a necessity. “We strongly believe in the media structure that we developed in 2020. We’re thrilled with the response that we’ve seen to our live coverage and want to prioritize the over 17,000 fans that subscribed to Disc Golf Network this season” Spring noted. Viewers can subscribe to the watch Disc Golf Network’s live coverage at

The ESPN2 show works perfectly with the existing complement of media in the sport. Spring noted that “We appreciate our post-production media partners tremendously. It’s clear that fans of the game do as well. Adding national media coverage on ESPN2 only serves to augment the live and post-production coverage that we deliver at all DGPT events.” 

Air dates for the show are projected to be released in early November, as soon as they are finalized with ESPN2. More information regarding the Tour Championship is available on the Disc Golf Pro Tour’s Website,

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