What is the DGPT?

  • A disc golf festival
  • A pro tour of premier PDGA events
  • A platform to spread the culture of the disc
  • An opportunity to give back

We are building the modern age of disc golf. It will be fun, entertaining, interactive, engaging, and meaningful. Play disc festival games, race through an inflatable maze, and watch the best players in the world play disc golf. Interact and engage one on one with professional players while helping spread the positive culture of the disc, giving to a quality charity, and smiling with neighbors while doing it.

What is the pro tour?


The culture of the disc is precious. As the sport enters the mainstream, our disc culture could fade away and be swallowed up. The Pro Tour is dedicated to disc culture – competing with people, respecting them, listening, caring and helping.

We have seen the tremendous growth of the sport over the past decades. We are building a pro tour which embodies this growth and can help sustain it.

The DGPT legitimizes our sport:

  • The media will cover our sport on a grander scale
  • Kids will see “coolness” in the disc and are more likely to continue to play
  • Advertisers will see eyeballs and will want to be in front of those eyeballs
  • We want to create a sustainable Pro Tour that maintains the culture of the disc, brings disc golf to the mainstream, and entertains us while doing it. Disc golf is our avenue toward having fun, doing good, and spreading the sport.


February to October, 2018

Nine events, with the tour championship in October.

Festival of the Flying Discs, Kids Pizza Parties with the Pros, Pro Ams, Special Events, the tournament, Media days and movie nights.

This is a sample of what Pro Tour Week could look like. The overall goal is to give discers a reason to come watch the best players in the world compete on an amazing course. The five days before the event starts are all geared towards this end.

  • Memorial Championship presented by Discraft, Scottsdale, AZ, 2/28-3/3
  • Waco Annual Charity Open, Waco, TX, 3/15-3/17
  • Jonesboro Open, Jonesboro, AR, 4/6-4/8
  • San Francisco Open, San Francisco, CA, 5/25-5/27
  • Utah Open, Ogden, UT, 6/22-6/24
  • Discraft Great Lakes Open, Milford, MI, 7/6-7/8
  • Idlewild Open, Greater Cincinnati Area (NKY) 7/20-7/22
  • Ledgestone Open presented by Discraft, Peoria, IL, 8/9-8/12
  • MVP Open at Maple Hill, Worcester, MA, 8/24-8/26
  • Tour Championship, Mid October


The best disc golfers on the planet, playing in premier events run by quality TDs, with tons of volunteers and the DGPT team, headed by Steve Dodge, providing tour organizational support.

A little about Steve Dodge, he has founded, co-founded, and served:


  • 2016: North East and Central USA
  • 2017: Arizona to New England
  • 2018: All across the USA
  • Camera friendly venues
  • Championship caliber courses

The venues are one of the most critical aspects of the Pro Tour. They need to challenge the players and thrill the spectators – in person and online.

You want to watch the best players on the best courses? We’ve got them both.

It is time to watch disc golf!


In 2016, we created a five event tour plus the Tour Championship.
In 2017, we expanded to nine events plus the Tour Championship.
In 2018, we dropped a couple of events, added a couple events, and expanded across the entire country.

For the 2018 season, we will open up the tour to any and all qualified venues. Based on timing, geography, quality of venue, course, and TD, we will pick the best venues in North America and grow the Disc Golf Pro Tour into the tour that we all know disc golf deserves.

If you are interested in hosting a DGPT event in the future, please fill out our Venue Application form and peruse what makes a quality venue for a Pro Tour stop.

Thanks for your support!

Get Involved

It is time to get involved and become an (even more!) active participant in the growth of our sport. We are ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show that the best disc golfers in the world will put on, are you?

In addition to the volunteers that will be needed, you can also help by getting involved as an investor, sponsor, member of the press, venue, player, spectator – or giving us a lead to a friend that would be interested.